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I have added a Missing and Cold Case tab to my website. I also have done Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie mediumship reading. I have created a Facebook group for not just theirs but also other missing and cold case cases that I and my students and others can read into. If you have your own to share you can there as well. I can also update my website with like what I’m doing now by sharing readings and finding a place we can all go to, to help out. So for ones that are just missing or turning into cold cases and need help asap with any readings for evidence or finding etc. I can have a section on this main website page for this. So everyone can check into when needing help asap and will help guide to the Facebook group to further help. Please help spread word about this. So my website can also help with this. The fakebook group is also found here on this clickable link that will direct you to the missing and cold case tab on my website with further info on there.

This short video explains what my newsletter are about so it helps you to decide if you want to join my newsletters to receive my emails. This video explains. ( I will complete creating my emailing. But this information is what will be with my emails until I update this video and have my emailing fully created.)

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The only thing you can purchase right now is my courses found here https://enchanting-love-creations.com/accredited-certified-practitioner-courses-for-mediumship/?preview_id=84&preview_nonce=3274c28946&preview=true

This website is under construction. It is published early to show my website. Please don’t purchase anything at this time until I have this website complete. I will be putting all of my products and services that are made with love and given by love on here each chance I work on the website. I greatly appreciate all your patients and understanding! I am sending you much love! <3 🙂

(((((I’ll be making a video here showing what all is on my website to view that could be useful for you it also will help show how my website works. I will update this video along the way any new changes.))))

Quick info on what I offer. My services are readings and healings of many kinds. My products are metaphysical and handmade items etc. I teach certified practitioner and certified courses. And more!

In the meantime, I have written like the tabs menu option. But you can choose from to see what I have created on my website so far that could be beneficial and or helpful to you. For the written tabs to select you can click on the clickable link for them that is the written that is underneath this. And it will direct you there quickly. Lets say you want to view the Autism Special Needs Healing Info in writing then click on the writing that says that. 😉

Accredited Certified Practitioner Reading And Healing Services By Jennifer B.

Certified Practitioner Reading And Healing Services By My Students Contact Etc Info

Underneath this, I am just showing where my products and services will be and how they will look on my website as an example. I am not done adding product and service listings nor have it ready for purchase yet. Much more to come for this section. I will keep updating and adding along the way. Thank you for your love and support and patients! <3 I am sending you much love gratitude and thanks! <3 🙂

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