Hello Loves!

My name is Jennifer! And welcome to my website! (My Website is still under construction.)

I am now offering Free Spiritual Coaching Yearly Classes. A new topic is covered once a month. You also have a chance to enter for a free or discounted service I provide or practitioner courses that I teach and you become practitioners and can teach as a certified practitioner and teacher of that type of course. Each year will have different options to chose from. For what you can choose as your win or discount that is offered for that year. For more details please read my website page here. https://enchanting-love-creations.com/accredited-certified-practitioner-courses-for-mediumship/ And to go to the classes website page. You will go here. https://enchanting-love-creations.com/welcome-to-spiritual-coaching-year-classes-for-2022/ It is Password protected. Reading the first website page shared in this paragraph has all the details. <3

Underneath are clickable links that you can choose from. That will direct you to that page directly. I do have an Etsy shop but is on vacation mode at the moment. You can click this link and it will direct you there. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MysticRealmsReadings?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

And that is where I offer my services such as different types of spiritual coaching, readings, healings, cleansings, and more! My practitioner students and others are on this website. And other schools and academies are too. If you are interested in having yours listed. Please message me on which social media that you use that I have mine listed under the clickable link called About. If I don’t respond please try again or find another social media that I use and contact me there. If not then you can try my Email. I am an accredited certified practitioner of my services as well as the courses that I teach. That you to become a certified practitioner and teacher in. I have my Academy listed as well.

You can also go straight to my academy by clicking the website link below <3


This short video explains what my newsletter is about so it helps you to decide if you want to join my newsletters to receive my emails. This video explains. ( I will complete creating my emailing landing page and lists for different types of emails. But this information is what will be with my emails until I update this video and have my emailing fully created.)

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Quick info on what I offer. My services are readings and healings and of many kinds. My products are metaphysical and handmade items etc. I teach certified practitioners and certified courses. And more!

Underneath this, I am just showing where my products and services will be and how they will look on my website as an example. I am not done adding product and service listings nor have it ready for purchase yet. Much more to come for this section. I will keep updating and adding along the way. Thank you for your love and support and patients! <3 I am sending you much love gratitude and thanks! <3 🙂

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