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Welcome to My Magical Blogs & Website Loves! <3 :)

Hello Lovelys!

It’s that time for an update! πŸ™‚ I have not been able to work on this website since the final decision to move into a home was fully decided. I was going to get one on the property that I am at. But decided we should buy one elsewhere. So since all the fun packing and all the extra goodies lol. I have not had time to blog or update much on my website. So once I get moved in and settled then I will be back at it! Much work to do! So I can get back to it all asap!

Since starting my website. I have added many new cool services and products and much more to come! Will be added. For now, I just have some tabs made to check some of the new stuff I’m adding. Besides just my readings and healings services that I offer and my certified practitioner, students will offer too! <3 πŸ™‚

I’ve added hand made metaphysical products section. I’ve added my youtube playlists and channels. Everything still needs to be updated and added further to each tab on my website. But figured I would mention all that I have added. Also searching for certified practitioners or certified teachers in metaphysics or healing modalities. Also searching for certified practitioners or certified or self-taught readers or healers etc. That will be added to my website’s directory list offering your services and products and academies and schools.

I’m also searching for certified practitioners or certified or self-taught readers who will accept my sitter’s certification course students to give readings to. As well as anyone wanting to enhance or learn their mediumship for taking my course for mediumship levels which has healing modalities in it and much more! As well as sitters looking for a course for you!? <3 πŸ™‚

I’ve also added a youtube playlist for my computer games that I play and more! I will be getting back to my live readings and healings with my certified students once I can get moved and settled in. Pre-recorded videos as well. Healing autism with any healing modality and so much more that I have added. It’s going to be fun! And I can’t wait to do interviews as well! I want to interview and help spread awareness or inspiration etc.

I also added my Magical Healing Gardening Videos which are with reiki, crystal healing and any healing modality that I will also mentor guide etc. Starting each year from now on like this one. I am doing seeds and gardening fruit and veggies and flowers and trees. In my new home, I will slowly create a waterfall pond I will do my live videos at for that playlist of magical healing gardening. But still short videos for it to.

So I am covering many different topics lol. Which I like. It will be hard to film so many. However, I will have to plan it out well so it can get done. More info to come soon. And I will also clarify more on my website tabs once I get to update it all. Thank you very much for reading! I hope you get to be a part of this magical journey with us! I appreciate all the love and support! I’m sending yall much love, gratitude and thanks! <3 πŸ™‚

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