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My Teaching and Services Certifications Updates & My Website Updates & Sacred Magical Gardening Tip💙💞

Hello Loves!

First off thank you for reading this blog! I greatly appreciate you taking your time out to view this! I do hope this is helpful in anyway for you lovely! 💙💞 I will try to keep this short.

Above is one of my Facebook page clickable link to read further details there for the brief mention that I am mentioning here. I wanted to offer this first before going into what this blog post is about.

What I’m offering is something free from my services I offer or courses. These will switch from time to time. Some might be a discount or for free or other options.

However there is a little work on your end. But it is very healing and rewarding for your soul path. Plus a chance to learn together and from myself. It is mostly done at your pace. But will have a time limit. Each task might be for one week to complete until it ends.

I’m just starting this out. So I’m not sure of all the details and how they will go. But more is written on that Facebook page. We will figure this out together.

I will have some pre recorded videos that will stay up in the group until it is completed or might stay. Along with written post that you can do your work on. You and others who are participating each time I offer these gets to choose topics you would like to work on for self improvements etc.

The most voted for if I am offering that kind we will go by those topics. If it’s ones I felt to create and you want to participate because you feel you resonate with it. We will cover those. I’ll be doing spiritual coaching along with the topics chosen. So you will work on healing areas that will benefit what you are needing atm. Because you learn with us grow with us as you do the work yourself.

My updates for my website are I am going to create more tabs and try to make my website easier to view. And hoping I can make it prettier lol. I’ll make more blog posts along the way of each update.

My Teaching & Services Updates. I am working on more accredited certifications to teach different modalities. Right now I have one for Metaphysical Teaching through WMA. I am also updating my website with this info to once I get it all together. I need to update my certifications to for my services.

I am adding more to my services and teachings. Some are spiritual coaching, heart centered angelic reiki, Intuitive art and much more!

I am still working on my courses. Out now is my sitters certification course. Which I am going to update and add more while working on my mediumship one. Which is now updated to Intuitive, Psychic, Healing, Mediumship Certified Practitioner Certification for you lovely! 💙

I will also be working on other modality type courses. One for all healing aspects another for all metaphysical aspects etc. All certified practitioner courses for you. 🔮

I will be writing more blogs. And keeping yall up to date through them.

I want to end this blog with something helpful. I hope so anyhow. And will be writing focused blogs with helpful tips in many topics. Today I feel it’s about sacred magical gardening. Which I have a youtube channel for that. Can be found on my website.

When doing sacred magical gardening with crystals. Depending on the type of gardening and crystals you can use. If it’s an edible gardening with fruits and veggies. Please research on the crystals you will use. Many are toxic as well will fade in the sun and or not able to handle being wet.

If you are doing gardening for flowers that your not going to bath or put in tea etc. Then you won’t need to worry about the toxic crystals. As long as it’s far away enough from your edible gardening. You’ll just need to check on one’s that can fade in the sun or can’t handle being wet.

Quartz Crystals won’t fade and are not toxic. It can also be in water. There fantastic to help raise the vibrations frequency and energies of the locations and plants.

Selenite Crystals can not get wet. But are great for adding peace, serenity, protection and more! If you have a patio and live in an area that is not humid. That would be a great area to put one is at a covered patio going to your garden.

Black tourmaline is great for repeling bugs. But read up on toxicity levels. Most crystals ending in ite like fluorite etc in most cases are toxic.

When I get a chance to work on emails. I will also send these type of emails in these type of blogs but to your emails also if you sign up for it. So you can also print this info for your journals etc. I can make PDF emailed files so you can print it.

In my emails I will get a chance to go more in details as well as further tips, guidance etc. So I can keep the blogs shorter. Like that one I would add tips of where to put the crystals which kinds how to cleanse your sacred gardening etc. Probably in a few emails. So the emails are not to long.

And I would put my YouTube Playlist link for this in the emails so you can follow my YouTube playlist and learn further through that way to. So you can also see as well.

Thank you very much for reading this. If you have any questions you can comment and we will go from there! I am grateful for your love and support! I am sending you much love and light, heartfelt gratitude, and thanks! 💖💞💙😁

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