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Yearly Free Spiritual Coaching Monthly Classes A Chance for you to win free or discount. And Spiritual Coaching Self Work Details In Post

For free or discount wins through my emails. Spiritual coaching you do the self work. Email me found on my website below under about tab. For more details visit

Hello Loves!

I created my yearly classes for my Spiritual Coaching! A year of dreaming! And now it is created! I had set my intent and set it free. And here we are now. Now it is created <3 πŸ™‚

The monthly classes for this year are on my protected password website page found here.

For the full information, it is found here.

You can do the self-work in my Facebook groups or through email. You also get discounts on my practitioner courses or my services when you join and participate in the protected private Facebook groups. If interested in my groups or these classes please email me and I will send you the details.

I’ll be doing videos and posts pertaining to topics chosen in the group. You’ll do the self-work. And a chance to win free or discount on my certified practitioner courses or services. For taking the yearly class <3

In the fb groups, you’ll get a discount on my courses or services. For being a participating member in the group.

You’ll also get to promote and sell and teach in my groups that are kept private. Only invites are trusted friends and loved ones in our communities. Completely scammer-free!

On my website, you also get to do ads for your services, products, or teachings and schools or academies if you would like to. My website is not just for me. I ensure it’s all safe sites no scammers.

There are more options you can do. Just email me with questions and for the details of this post. I’m sharing the love with my website! πŸ’– I’m sending you much love light gratitude and thanks β˜† 😊

As I am creating this from my ideas still. And the poles taken in my FB Groups. Many are participating eager and ready to join this as soon as I also know the details and it’s made then <3 starting very soon maybe by March 2022

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