My name is Jennifer. I am a shop owner and an Accredited Certified Practitioner Metaphysics Teacher. My Services and Courses and Classes which are for your accreditation that’s a certified practitioner of Mediumship are out now! More to come. One out now is for Self Reading for Sitters Certificate. To Find My courses they are at my Academy. The Website Link Underneath that says jenniferacademy click on that and it will direct you there. Courses and Classes are Metaphysical, Mediumship and Healing, and more! My Services I am a Practitioner of to such as Psychic, Mediumship, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, and Angelic Healer.

Hello Lovelys! Welcome to my About Page On My Website! I will have all of my social media and my Academy and more there website links to join under this section of videos.

This Video Shows About My Accredited Certified Practitioner Of Mediumship Courses And How To Options Etc. On My Academy
I Will Be Adding More Certificates So The Video Will Keep Being Updated With New Ones <3 🙂

I am searching for practitioners or certified or self-taught readers who will participate including my students. I have not had the time yet to mention this to them. But if you are willing to participate to accept my sitter’s certifications for taking my sitter’s self-reading course. More Info and video info is on my Page underneath this writing. Please comment on this about or on the other website page at the bottom or message me. So we can discuss what info I need for your advertisement section on this page.

If you are a reader that is a practitioner or certified or self-taught and would love to advertise your services on another page of mine or both the sitter one and this one please let me know. Some of my students are there now and others. But more will be added. Same as written above how to contact me <3 🙂

This Is Another VIdeo That I Will Be Updating Including My Courses And Classes Comments <3 🙂

If you have a school or an academy and you would love for me to share yours so others can find your services too! Please look at my website page and video under the same video is also on this page here for more info <3 🙂

<3 ~ This Section Has All Of My Social Media And More!~ <3

I am Accredited Through WMA as a Metaphysician Teacher. My accredited certified practitioner courses of mediumship and certified self-reading sitters courses and other courses I teach are through my Academy Found here. You can see my WMA Certification there and how to find their website with my info on there.

Here is My Academy.https://jenniferacademy.podia.com/

❤🙂 Here are my New Facebook Pages And Groups Where I and my Students Will Do Live Readings And Healings At. Also, My Metaphysical Products for my Website and Etsy Shop Live Videos and you can get readings or healings at in my groups. Even Where My Live Video Crystal Grid Prayers/ Prayer Intents Healing Will Be At And Much More! Facebook Page Live Video Free, Donations, Paid Readings Videos. By Myself And My Participating Students And Others. https://www.facebook.com/Lovelymysticalmagicalenlighteninghealing

This Is My Website Page Where My Info Is Also About my Services And Prices For Private Readings

My YouTube Channel And Playlists.


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Facebook Page Live Video Free, Donations, Paid Healings Videos. Also Support And Mentorship Services By Myself And My Participating Students And Others.


My Facebook Page Website And Etsy Shop Metaphysical Products And Services live Videos. To View And Purchase Products and Services. https://www.facebook.com/Jennifer-Metaphysical-Magical-Etsy-Shop-And-Website-Products-And-Services-104014805017014

Facebook Page Where I Answer Questions And Teach a Little And Mentor/Guide/Support Your Questions And For My Certified Accredited Practitioner Courses And Classes Live Videos.


Facebook Page Live Video Free, Donations, Paid Readings Videos. Also Support And Mentorship Services By Myself And My Participating Students And Others.


Facebook groups for My Facebook Groups That Does Have Membership Questions. Please Be Sure To Answer Them All To Be Accepted ❤ Where My Students And Others Students Practice And Or Give Professional Readings Either Free Mini, Donation, Paid. Including Myself. Some Mentoring, Guiding, Support.


Another Psychic, Mediumship, Healing Etc Group ❤🙂https://www.facebook.com/groups/spirittribemediumshiphealingmysticalethereal

If you Have Your Own Or Love To Share Another Video As Long As You Have Their Permission To Share. You Can Join Our Group Here. Can Be Any Platform VIdeo Youtube, Facebook Etc. Of Any Type! ❤🙂https://www.facebook.com/groups/sharingapprovedyourownandpublicvideos

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