My name is Jennifer. I am an Etsy shop owner at Mystic Realms Readings https://www.etsy.com/shop/MysticRealmsReadings?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

and an Accredited Certified Practitioner Metaphysics and Healing Teacher At https://jenniferacademy.podia.com/

I Am a Certified Practitioner for my Services as well. Both videos explain more.

This Website has all the info I do as well as Provide not only for myself. But for my friends and my certified practitioner students and trusted shop owners and much more! I’m sharing the Love! Check out my Website tabs to see all that is done on my website <3 🙂

I am offering free spiritual coaching classes. For the year and might continue to make them each year. For me teaching and your learning and doing your own self-work. Also a winner or all win options from free or discounted on my certified practitioner courses or services I provide. For more details visit this tab on my website <3 https://enchanting-love-creations.com/accredited-certified-practitioner-courses-for-mediumship/

Hello Lovelys! Welcome to my About Page On My Website! I will have more info under this section of videos.

I will be updating this video since it is not 3 courses. It is now one. And for Intuitive Psychic Healing Mediumship Certified Practitioner Certification. This Video Shows About My Accredited Certified Practitioner Of Mediumship Courses And How To Options Etc. On My Academy

The Video Above Shows My Accredited Practitioner Certifications To Teach Metaphysics and Healing Modalities Certified Practitioner Courses. And The Services I Provide! <3 🙂

This VIdeo Shows My Ratings For Services and Products I Sold And Provided! I will Update This Video Once I Get More. <3 🙂

This Video Above Will Be Updated And Will Be Shorter In Length

<3 ~ My Website Pages Tabs And Brief Information Clickable Links. ~ <3

<3 We’re starting off with the free yearly spiritual coaching classes that I am offering. For the details click this link <3 Its never too late to start this <3 The Classes last the full year! <3

<3 And If you are wanting educational content. And to become one of my students Such as my Accredited Certified Practitioner Courses or Certified Courses that I Teach. Here is where to go to for more information <3


<3 After reading that section. This is where the class will be at. <3


<3 If you are a student of mine or becoming one of my students. Your Ad will be in this next clickable link. Or if you are already a certified or practitioner or even a self-taught student. This is where you will have your ad at as well. If you are searching for valid readers and healers of any type! Including all of the other services we provide! This is the Website Tab Link that you’ll visit for you <3


<3 If you Teach, Coach, Mentor, etc. Then you can be added to my Website Tab Underneath to Advertise your Services or Products or Schooling. <3


<3 Searching for my Accredited Certified Practitioner Services such as Spiritual Coaching, Crystal Practitioner, Reiki Master Healer, Angelic Healing, Intuitive, Psychic, Mediumship, Cleansing, Spirit Removals, and much much more! Info is on this clickable website link <3

I am updating all of my website pages. I will finish listing all the tabs here with brief descriptions like above. <3

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