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☆♡ ~ Hello Loves! My name is Jennifer ~♡☆

Welcome to this page lovely!

Please read all of this info. For this section for our spiritual coaching monthly classes. As I don’t have much time to answer questions. However, I will answer your questions lovely! At this time my time is limited. I’m juggling recovering my son’s autism, these classes, finishing creating the courses, and more loves.

Below this section, you will find my academy and info on my courses. Right now let’s talk about my Free Spiritual Coaching Monthly Classes for the Year! 2022 ♡ And in coming years I might do more of these too.

This picture once clicked plays a mini song and the animations move. Helps to get excited and ready to embark on our soul healing journey together loves! <3 maybe just me. But I am very excited and grateful to have a part on this journey with you on your soul journey and trusting me as your spiritual coach and teacher and soul worker. Whatever that you need. Just as you are also my teacher and I am your student! We all are <3 🙂

To join this Free Spiritual Coaching Monthly Classes for the Year. It will be done through our protected password website found here. https://enchanting-love-creations.com/welcome-to-spiritual-coaching-year-classes-for-2022/

With my Free Spiritual Coaching Monthly Classes for the Year 2022. It is set up for you to do the healing, enlightening, enhancing, and learning or relearning for doing your own self-work of it. That can help improve your everyday life or if you are doing services etc that will help with your businesses too! And not just for spiritual businesses either. The topics get chosen by you From the topics, you either chose in our Facebook group and I intuitively choose which topics to do each month. Also based on the pole options you chose.

What this offers you is you’ll enhance and grow in the topics that are created throughout this year the monthly topics help you focus on one at a time. So you can have time to do the inner soul work and done at your own pace. So by the end of this year. You will be more in a soul alignment meant for what you seek and do.

We will do the work through email or My Facebook Groups

When emailing me for the topic of the month. Please ask all the questions that you need to be answered for that topic. So I can cover them in the email or on the Facebook groups as best as I can to help you enhance yours! So it is tailored to your needs. I can help point you or confirm with you what is needed for you.

The Class Page has sections. It starts off by explaining a few things such as my teaching style etc. Then goes into the monthly classes. The monthly classes are sectioned. So you will scroll down to see each month. The class content on the website has some of the info with pictures. That and the full classwork or anything else is in the PDF Files ill send you through emails each month.

<3 If you are months backed up. Or joined later in the year. You’ll be able to tackle one at a time. And you can dedicate on your time one at a time. Since these monthly classes are to do at your own pace and when your soul is ready for them. <3

Let’s say Intuition doesn’t stand out to you at the moment. But the month of Psychic does. Please work on the ones that do stand out to you each time because your higher self your life path and guides are ready that moment for you to work on which topic stands out then. For example, let’s say you did all the month’s work in different orders that applied to what you needed then that moment. I want you to do them as you are guided to do them. For the reasons why I mentioned above. Sometimes I might be aligned with Intuition whereas you are aligned then for Psychic.

So I do not expect the emails to be in specific orders. So please title your email with what you are working on then. And we will work on that one then. So if it’s Spiritual Business Month and you send in Intuition email. Please title it as Intuition and ill know what you are working on. As well as the beginning of the email to let me know you are working on what that email for that time. It does not have to be the full month or 4 emails a month. As this is work at your own pace and time lovely. And me too lol<3

When choosing the topics and If none of them stand out to you at the moment. Then set your prayers or prayer intents etc. Set them in motion. Leave it. And be guided when to come back and look through the topic options available then. When setting the prayer or prayer intent please ask your guides or sources. To be open and ready to be guided to the one you need to start working on. So it sets your soul path your higher self to be aligned with what you are needing at those moments.

Then when you are ready again choose the next topic that you feel you are ready to work on. Then send me the emails after you worked on them. Until you completed them all. ( I am hoping to pick the winner and winners for the discounts. At least by the end of 2022 or into the end of January 2023. So please try to have your emails in by then.) And we might be starting the new year off in 2023 with new or similar topics as well as how those might be done. Either still free or at a certain price etc. We will see when it gets near that time.

So you can begin the work. And have the examples for you of the experiences happening around you and to you etc. To happen so you are more ready and available for the learning or re-learning or guidance into what you need. So you are aligned and ready for those lessons or what it is to have you aligned and ready for the healing and growth.

Those who are doing this to enter their chance at winning the free or discount services I offer or courses. Let me know in your email that you are entering. Or doing the work to get free mini spiritual coaching on. Either way, both ways your still getting free mini spiritual coaching with. It just lets me know who all to choose from for the free or discount winners with free mini spiritual coaching or the ones doing the work for free mini spiritual coaching.

If you want to participate in our Facebook groups here is some info on that.

You can participate by sharing some of your questions and work in our groups. So I or another who might be knowledgeable in that topic your need us to answer. We can try to help answer your question. Plus others who need this answered as well gives a chance to see it and or participate in it too. It also helps us to teach and learn together even if you want to share how you solved something or is anything helpful to another in the group. So you are our Teacher to loves!

I have ensured all who join my Facebook groups are legit. So no scammers or harm etc to come to us. As well there are other certified practitioners or self-taught lovely souls in our Facebook groups. If they participate to help that will be up to them if they can or have the time to.

To join the Facebook groups I have to invite you. If you want the details. Email me and we will go from there. But I am doing it from my website here. And there is a password to join. So you can bypass the FB or email option if needed.

However, if you do have a Facebook account and would like to join my groups. So you can share your work or any kind of questions or anything that you think you can get help with or that it can help others including if you are also certified or self-taught or anything. Like a Teacher Or Mentor Etc. You can join in when you can participate and or have the time to. To answer and teach or mentor or what you feel called to do. Our community will continue to grow together and help each other out with each chance we get. You can join with us there.

The spiritual coaching helps you to focus and answer the questions in a practical way. That benefits you. I’m sure some might think oh this is another person to tell me what to do. Not at all. You are actually doing the work from the questions I get you to think and answer on. So you are actually the one in control. All I am offering is questions and you, your higher self, and your guides and sources. Are the ones doing the work that fits you. And your particular needs for your soul path. Once you have your answers you will then act on them when you are guided to do so. And will keep up with any changes that come up along the way. But you will now have the tools to work with so you can continue to enhance your soul path. So this is all you lovely!

The themes of each month help with the spiritual coaching aspects. But teaching you some of the topic of the month. So you are able to further enhance your connections and live a life more easier by learning these topics of each month. These monthly questions sort of exercises help you each step along the way. By having access to the questions that you can answer for yourself at any time. You can also add more to the questions to tailor it more for you. But having these tools greatly helps each step of your soul-aligned path.

To further learn the topics of each month. I will have in this section the courses that can help further teach you what it is that you are wanting to know more about. Can be for learning. Can be for learning and doing the services with your friends and family. Or even professionally for your clients. You will also become a certified practitioner teacher of that course. In other words, you will have certifications to do the services or teach as well. That info will be here and on the PDF Files in the emails as well in the Facebook groups.

<3 What the topics are to choose from. And the winning services and certified practitioner and teaching courses options are written underneath.

(This will have the info for the winning info)

<3 Emails for the work and the chance to win and the free spiritual coaching through emails. So it is one on one with you! <3

<3 The Website Page is where the spiritual coaching and monthly classes are at. Found underneath the picture at the top of this website page

I’m finally getting my dreams answered after a year of dreaming about how I will do my classes <3 🙂 This is it! <3 I set the intent let it go. Just as with all I’m creating and doing. And the answers are happening! <3 So no this dream to help others in a spiritual coaching type way has come true and here we are loves! Thank you for being a part of this journey with me! <3

Spiritual Coaching Monthly Choice Topics for this year for 2022 (Not In Order)


Metaphysical Esoteric


Spiritual business



Past life




Other for what you specifically need.

In the Facebook groups we will use the hashtags #classes2022 & the topic you are working on. Example #Intuition so we can find your posts easier in the groups 💞

The topics are not in order. Because I am letting my intuition guide me. To which theme of the month is for what topic.

💞 the winning options 💞

This is to come! I am working on getting them listed on my Etsy shop first. And getting the courses complete on my academy. So pricing and further info will be here once I am done completing all that needs to be done. If I forget please remind me to list them here as well. <3 For the Spiritual Coaching and the other services ill provide with it. Will be around 2k that be in USD dollars around $2,000.00 or so. Ill have combined and solo options to reach a price range you can do. And will work with you on monthly payment plans if needed. If you were chosen as one of the discounts winner. Or are checking into getting anything that I provide outside of these monthly classes for the year.

🔮 Courses for Certified Practitioner Certification or Certified Certification 🔮

* Certified Sitters Certification*

<3 Underneath is Practitioner Certifications <3

* Intuitive Psychic*

* Mediumship with Ascension Healing* 

* Intuitive Psychic Mediumship Ascension Healing*

More courses to come after these.

I am hoping to have those above finished before the end of the year.

💖 My Services 💖

I am also updating my website, Etsy, academy, emails, etc. So I will have the full descriptions and prices for my services and courses. Will be solo options and combined options with these options. More options are to be added soon.

* Tarot Reading

* Oracle Cards Reading

* Psychic Reading

* Mediumship Reading

* Spirit /Entity/Et. Etc Removals.

* House Cleansing

* Paranormal Reading

* Crystal Healing

* Crystal Reiki Healing

* Reiki Healing

* Angelic Healing

* Spiritual Coaching

*Update* Jan 2022. I decided to for sure create a combined course out of the mediumship course. The old mediumship course had was in total 3 courses to purchase to complete it. But I only had two out of which are on this page. They are still purchasable. But I am finishing the third part. And am adding the Intuitive, Psychic, and Healing. So now it is just one course in total. Not three anymore.

It will be called something like Intuitive Psychic Healing Mediumship Practitioner/Teacher Certification. I am not sure when it will be published yet and out to purchase. But please keep an out here and on my academy page. I am combining all of my courses and all will be certified practitionership certifications. The solo ones will be published first. Before the combined. If you are needing the combined that one MIGHT be out by the end of the year. I can’t promise when! Life has a way to keep things from not being on time! If solo ones those will hopefully start being out soon and through the year. (It is easier for me to work on them separately.) Than what it was being combined with over 200 lessons to work on. This helps me work on so many lessons at a time so it’s much easier. When done I am combining them together for the combined course. <3

I am also turning these courses into Certification for you to teach from my methods or mixed with your own. Of course from your own teachings to. It just gives you permission to teach my methods that can be blended and mixed with your own. As well as it helps certify you to be able to teach. But only the type of topic in the courses. (example will certify you for let’s say mediumship. But not for sewing classes lol.) I’ll have more details about that. In the description of the courses at my academy courses page on the courses. My academy is on this page a clickable link. It is still for practitioner certification for you to do your services as a practitioner. But with the also added now as a Practitioner/Teacher. If you would like that.

However, the one out now for Sitters is only Certification. And I will be updating that course too. I also am getting more accredited certified certificates and logos and advertising for my training and teaching you. I have the WMA for my Metaphysics teaching such as Intuitive, Psychic, Mediumship, Metaphysical, etc. I have some now for the Healing aspects. And am certified as a spiritual life coach and working on other spiritual coaches certifications. I will be updating my pictures and info with these certificates and logos from these places. I am on their websites now too and some of their websites I am a member of with my listings! I am also going to create my own logos for yall to use to with your advertisements. For completing my courses.

This page is set up with info to my academy website with each of my published courses on the academy website and here.

Jennifer’s Metaphysical Healing Mediumship Academy. You can go directly to my Academy.


The website link above directs you to my academy with all of my courses on it. If you prefer to read here on my website you can. <3 I also have on there explaining more detailed info on my Academy Page.

Click on the link below to be directed to my Podia Academy Course. This link brings you directly to the course Certification For Self Readings And Sitters For Readers. The video below is a quick introduction to a little about this course its purposes and more. <3 🙂 It’s just starting out here so I have the price lower until I add more content. I will have sales. And for the full payment option is $55.00 or in 4 payments to complete in 4 months it is for $13.75 I will also have this same course and price options on my website here to purchase as well. In the meantime, this is where you can access this at. <3 🙂


Certification For Self Readings And Sitters For Readers Course. Course coming soon to purchase on here from my Academy on Podia or on here options. <3 🙂

This Video Is For All Three Of My Certified Accredited Practitioner Certification For Mediumship Course Number One, Two, and Three.

Here are the website links to click on to go to my Mediumship Courses. There is a discount on courses number two and three. <3 🙂 I will run sales from time to time on all of my courses including these. They are in order starting from number One then Two then Three. Course Number Three is coming soon! There is the option to pay in full. Or payment plans. The pay in full is for $175.00 The 4 monthly payment plan is for $43.75. But the last two have $25.00 off on both. Makes it $150.00 in full for the second and third course.




Under this Paragraph, this page directs you to my Classes Page on my Website here. <3 🙂

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