Accredited Certified Practitioner Courses And Classes For Mediumship, Healing, And More!

*Update* Jan 2022. I decided to for sure create a combined course out of the mediumship course. The old mediumship course had was in total 3 courses to purchase to complete it. But I only had two out of which are on this page. They are still purchasable. But I am finishing the third part. And am adding the Intuitive, Psychic, and Healing. It will be called something like Intuitive Psychic Healing Mediumship Practitioner Certification. I am not sure when it will be published yet and out to purchase. But please keep an out here and on my academy page. I am combining all of my courses and all will be certified practitionership certifications. However, the one out now for Sitters is only Certification. And I will be updating that course too. I also am getting more accredited certified logos and advertising for my training and teaching you. I have the WMA for my Metaphysics teaching. Will have others for Healing and more! I will be updating my pictures and info with these certificates and logos from these places. I am on their websites now too! I am also going to create my own logos for yall to use to with your advertisements. For completing my courses.

This will be set up with info to my school website with each of my published courses to also be purchased here. Including my books for them can be found here with all the other options that I will offer here. I also want to do classes. Some will be pertaining to these courses so we can dig deeper together. I decided to make another page on my website just for the classes portion. But I will also link the two together. This section will keep being updated until complete.

Jennifer’s Metaphysical Healing Mediumship Academy. You can go directly to my Academy.

The website link above directs you to my academy with all of my courses on it. If you prefer to read here on my website you can. <3

Click on the link below to be directed to my Podia Academy Course. This link brings you directly to the course Certification For Self Readings And Sitters For Readers. The video below is a quick introduction to a little about this course its purposes and more. <3 🙂 It’s just starting out here so I have the price lower until I add more content. I will have sales. And for the full payment option is $55.00 or in 4 payments to complete in 4 months it is for $13.75 I will also have this same course and price options on my website here to purchase as well. In the meantime, this is where you can access this at. <3 🙂

Certification For Self Readings And Sitters For Readers Course. Course coming soon to purchase on here from my Academy on Podia or on here options. <3 🙂

This Video Is For All Three Of My Certified Accredited Practitioner Certification For Mediumship Course Number One, Two, and Three.

Here are the website links to click on to go to my Mediumship Courses. There is a discount on courses number two and three. <3 🙂 I will run sales from time to time on all of my courses including these. They are in order starting from number One then Two then Three. Course Number Three is coming soon! There is the option to pay in full. Or payment plans. The pay in full is for $175.00 The 4 monthly payment plan is for $43.75. But the last two have $25.00 off on both. Makes it $150.00 in full for the second and third course.

Under this Paragraph, this page directs you to my Classes Page on my Website here. <3 🙂

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