Jennifer Accredited Certified Practitioner /Teacher Students Including Other Certified or Practitioners Or Self Taught Directory List of Advertisments

What is this Page About!? Why did I or anyone from this Ad Website page share this page with you!

This Page is from my website called ( it is an Ads Page for My and Others Certified Accredited Practitioner Teacher Students Or ones who are working on theirs. Including my ad as an example. But it is a workable ad, not just a full example. And from my other courses from my academy that can be for becoming a practitioner/teacher or certified or not.

This is Not Limited to just my students. For taking my courses. There are others on here taking other courses from their teacher and would like to be on here too! To have an ad for themselves. If you are one of them. Please email me. My Email is Found in the About Tab section on my Website.

These services ads range from certified practitioners to certified certificates or none which is called self-taught. And what type of services they are for such as readings or healings etc.

If you also have a school or academy and want to advertise yours too. It is found here on my website. On this clickable box link below

What is this Page for?

♡☆ This Services Page is set up for My Students & Others. This is for finding services or advertising your services. So this is for Service Providers & Potential Clients ♡☆

☆ It is set up for you as a Reader to advertise ☆

♡ It is set up for you as a potential Client to find your services provider ♡

💕 I will set up a section under your ad with your reviews from your clients. If you have a video or pictures of a few. I will use that under your ad. (Either I can create or you can create the reviews video.) 💕

🔮 What to do after you received your Service 💖

After your service is done. Please come back here and leave your review. At the reply area at the bottom of this website. As well on their website or social media area for their or my services that you received from the area you received it at.

You can start your review. By saying who the service provider is and what they provided. Such as a reader or healer. And that you received a love oracle card reading From (Example) Jennifer from her website found at or from her Facebook page found at (put the Facebook page name ) Then say all you want to leave as a review.

Doing it this way lets others see it’s a love psychic reading or a love oracle card reading or a crystal or reiki healing service etc. So it clarifies and they can search quickly for what review or rating or feedback etc. that they need to read to help speed up with their and your choices.

If you experience any negative services or are not satisfied with the service you received. Please contact your service provider first that gave you your reading or healing etc. Then once discussed with them and hopefully solved. Then come back and leave a review on this and their website or page etc. If it ends up being a negative or harmful review. I will delete it! We are supplying love not harm! <3 Being honest with reviews is different from spite, anger, retaliation, etc. that is intentionally causing harm!

<3 (Example of a harmful review & who to contact and what reviews we Welcome) <3

I am not satisfied with the reader or healer. Because the reading or healer provided me with limited information (an example might be because sometimes depending on what you purchased they might have it set up as a mini reading or mini service. Or because spirit etc provided only so much for that reading that moment. Please ask your provider why it ended up this way)

And so I want my money back because I did not receive what I was looking forward to! (This is also discussed with you and your provider to come up with a compromise. I am not their service I only provide mine. If you got one from me and feel these ways please contact me if you received my services and felt this way. So we can come up with a compromise lovely. ) Then you can leave your honest review of the service provider or about mine. With Love, please. Thank you dearly for your understanding <3

More examples of harmful reviews with examples that might help explain why.

The reader or healer services sucked! I will not recommend them! So please don’t purchase their services! ( Example The reviews here are not for any of those types of purposes!) I understand being honest. But this is to provide valuable reviews to help others like yourself searching for the services they need. Please keep in mind your experience might have been meant to be that way! What did you learn? Did you find the right service provider for you afterward? Did something good end up coming out of this experience? (There usually is always a reason WHY for this EXPERIENCE! You can talk to their clients and you will hear wonderful things about them! That doesn’t match what you got! Please be mindful that there is a reason why. And not go off of emotion only. To sometimes later regret what was said.

Sometimes that experience you got can be because you were not meant to get a service from that service provider. Because if you got another after that service and that was right. Can be the reason why. Sometimes we are led to another service provider after a bad experience on purpose to find the right service provider. Because there was something sometimes to be learned from the bad experience first before finding the right service provider.

Another reason could be that sometimes forcing services that are not meant on our path that moment. Outcomes like this can happen. And it’s not the service provider’s fault. The Universe or God etc. has a funny way of doing this to us! Because it’s like breaking someone’s free will. What’s being done is breaking the LOA Law Of Attraction and forcibly choosing a random provider to do your services. When in a hurry and just choosing a service provider by random then bad experiences can happen. Underneath this section, I will have that section to cover how to choose your service provider.

Have you noticed sometimes the services meetings for the service don’t match up? Such as you or your service provider could not meet up at the time agreed on. Or when it does the services are limited and possible interruptions? Sometimes are due to forcibly choosing a services provider and not waiting for the right service provider. It’s like our kids to the universe or God etc. They see it like that too. I want what I want and I want it now attitude. And we get what we put out. However, the good thing is we still learn some valuable from it! <3

What if you didn’t choose just randomly and this experience still happened anyway!

Until what is needed to be aligned with the service being provided that you need in alignment must be met with patience and not forcing outcomes. I know sometimes answers are needed at that moment. But when you are ready to receive them the provider will be ready for you. When it flows is another way to know it was aligned and timed right to receive. I’m speaking for newbies to services and others who are not aware of these things. By me helping to give examples and reasonings to why <3 Outside of our services that is how things are handled. Sadly shouldn’t be either. Many are used to living their complaints daily and sharing from a complaint space. The next section in bigger writing colored in blue will help how to choose the right provider for you.

I didn’t have to write this section. But I decided that it could be helpful for the providers as well as the possible clients seeking our services. I hope this was helpful! I will be adding some more maybe along the way that hopefully can help even further. <3 As well as this is a bit of an educational or awareness to for healing and enhancing one’s self. By being aware and mindful <3 So hoping this helps with answers maybe that you needed to why certain things happen in these types of ways. 🙂 Please be sure to ask yourself questions or your guides and see what did you learn from this experience that ended up being balanced and aligned and helpful for you.

And being guided to do this. I am hoping I can help comfort anyone’s uncomfort with the section written above. To help ease any discomforts and stress or anger. By explaining as best as I can and channeling this section. I feel is a must for some reason! So I’m honoring my guides <3 And trusting this will be helpful for you somehow lovely. Many don’t stand up for their service providers or for ones seeking the service providers services that some do misuse and cause harm to the client. I will help the best that I can from both sides <3 I’m also both too lol. So I understand.

And will help handle this as peacefully as compassionately with understanding. If you reported to your service provider and got no response back please contact me then so I can help work with both sides as fairly compassionately peacefully as possible with understanding. Sometimes both sides are too heated. And need a calm outside source to help. A voice of reasoning. I will offer that if the need ever arises <3

<3 Choosing the Provider for your Services each time you look for one tips <3

This section I said I was creating. How to choose your service provider.

You will first look for the service providers who are offering what you are searching for. Choose as many as you feel that you do resonate with. Write down their names or what helps you to find their ad quickly.

Set a quick prayer/ prayer intent. How you do yours <3 And ask your guides who you work with. Questions or affirmations or intentions etc. like please guide me to whom I am needing from this list (the names you wrote down.) And please give me signs with synchronicities to confirm who it is I am needing for my services. Then set. And let go. Come back to this website page when you are guided to find after you have been confirmed by your guides from your confirmed signs and synchronicities.

You will go back and want to look at their picture whether it is of them or the picture they chose to use. You will feel into with your intuition if they resonate with you at this time. With the help of your guides.

☆♡ A few ways you can cleanse and amp up your prayer/prayer intent. ♡☆

This might not be for everyone. But maybe an idea or two could be helpful. You can start by cleansing your sacred space where you will be doing your list at. You can use a sage leaf over your altar or smudge the room. or choose to make a saltwater spray & use essential oils. Both can be used which will help even more.

By cleansing your altar if you have one. This will help to ensure there’s no false guidance or interruptions while searching for your service provider.

You can place a list of the names you wrote down on the altar along with writing down your prayer/prayer intents. And saying it out loud after it’s been written. You can put a crystal grid on top of the service provider’s names list too.

You can choose to light a candle a color of your choosing from your intuition. And write down your list. Once done blow out the candle.

What are signs and synchronicities? (In my courses I do teach this in-depth! But to quickly mention for this purpose with one example will help you to learn this quickly. And enough learned for the moment. To further expand from this please check into one of my courses for this such as my Intuitive Psychic Healing Mediumship Practitioner/Teacher Course. (This should be done before the ending of 2022.) I’ll put that website link here then when done.

♡ Signs ~ Is when you see and get a feeling with the sign. Such as let’s say the sign is an angel. And one of the service providers has an angel on their picture. You will see angels on pictures or look over and see your angel figurine and feel a strong feeling it means something. Which is a sign 💕

☆ Synchronicities ~ After defining the sign. Being an angel. You will now ask for your synchronicity to confirm is it an angel? You will notice it will be a defining and repeating sign by seeing or hearing angels being talked about. And when you go through the list again looking at their pictures. You’ll see the angel on the picture or person’s name and know by the vibe that yes this is the person.

Why it is important When leaving reviews feedback etc.

Leaving reviews greatly helps our services and people with finding who they resonate with and what others have said about us. So it helps them to define and narrow down who they want to get their services provided from services such as a reading or healing etc. It helps us to also improve our services and helps us learn and or enhance what services we give.

By helping us know if what we pick up on is accurate or close to or if not correct. Because that part could be for another we just gave a reading to or the next client we will give a reading to.

So it helps us know who to search for to give them that reading. That is if it’s for a reading type service. So we can also fix and help give the message to the proper person or finish reading into it. Until that part is solved and for whom it is meant for.

When this happens. Please kindly let your reader know that it is not for you. To please write it down and find the client who is in need of that message. When receiving a reading please keep in mind this can happen. That does not mean the reader is faulty or a scam artist. It helps us solve who the message is to.

So please don’t leave a review comment by saying your reader was only 80% accurate. That does not help us nor is it factual. Because we give readings daily. And we get spirits messages sometimes for the previous or the later client. That either we didn’t pick up on then or the spirit came back to give further messages.

To learn more about this or how readings work and so much more! You can check into my certified course for this! You’ll also learn how to detect scammers and prevent being scammed and more! The details are on the course page of my academy. The course is called. Certification For Self Readings And Sitters For Readers

Your reviews feedback etc truly help us Along with many other helpful aspects! We greatly appreciate the ratings. Please leave feedback to us personally. Unless you know the feedback can be helpful & not harmful to your service provider’s review. We send you much love with our heartfelt gratitude from love!

To leave a review it is The Reply button at the bottom of this page. <3

If you are looking for a certified course that can help you understand readings or how to do them yourself. My certified course will help you with that. Some of my students accept these certifications. To read more about it as well as find my certified practitioner/teacher students who accept this are on this page. And the website page to click on below in the box.

Jennifer Bonner CPIPHM, CCP, CRPT, CEH, & more! (Certified Practitioner Intuitive Psychic Healing Mediumship, Certified Crystal Practitioner, )

Hello Loves! I am the owner of this Website I am the Teacher for my Accredited Certified Practitioner / Teacher Students who take my Intuitive Psychic Healing Mediumship course. Or Certification For Self Readings And Sitters For Readers Course. Other Practitioner/Teacher or Certified courses I’ll teach will be different modalities such as Healing, Esoteric Metaphysical Courses or Classes, and much more! My Courses and Classes most are Accredited Certifications for Practitioner/Teacher for my Students.

Right now I do have for this year in 2022 a Spiritual Coaching Monthly Classes. For more info, you can go here.

To Access the Spiritual Monthly Classes you will go here. It is password protected.

You can find that info to become one of my Students at my Acadamey from this clickable link here to direct you to my academy school courses.

One of My Facebook Page’s

My Etsy Shop

My Personal Accredited Certifications for Practitioner and Services and Healings that I offer are Spiritual Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Psychic Mediumship, Space Clearing, Crystal Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Healer, And More! <3

Services I offer are Including Teaching.

<3 Accredited Certified Practitioner/Teacher Courses And Certified Courses And Classes I Teach Such as 2022 Monthly Spiritual Coaching Classes <3

Oracle Card Readings

Tarot Readings

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Crystal Healings Sessions

Reiki Sessions

Angelic Healing Sessions

Spiritual Coaching

Elemental Readings such as Incarnate Past Life etc.

Intuitive Art Readings

Objects and House and Land Cleansings

Spirit/Entity Removal To Yourself or Your Departed Loved One

Cross Over Departed Loved Ones or Animals or Elementals

Detect where your Departed Loved Ones are at If EarthBound or Ascended Etc. (Ascended/Heaven.)

Combined Readings & Healing Session Or Combined Other Services Options Available to

<3 Jennifer Bonner Accredited Certified Practitioner/Teacher Students <3

Jennifer & David Scott

Jennifer & David Offer Reading & Healing Services To find more info you can visit their Website and Facebook Page

This is Their Facebook Page

This is their Website

Under is some of what type of services they offer <3 🙂









Rhonda Tompkins Reading & Healing Services

This is Rhonda Tompkins Facebook Page

Under is some of what type of services She offers <3 🙂

Oracle and Tarot Reading free and paid.

Energy Healing free and paid.

DM her for prices and availability.

Lee Hall Card Readings, Paranormal Readings & Cleansing Services.

Hi, my name is Lee Hall. And I accept the Certification For Self Readings And Sitters For Readers by my Teacher Jennifer for my readings services. My Business Name is under Spiritual Souls. My Services are Card Readings, Spiritual Communication, I live in the UK I also want to offer my services and help anyone that is a Paranormal Investigator in the UK looking for help with the paranormal and cleansing please contact me so we can discuss this further!

Here is how you can contact me

Lee Hall Spiritual Souls Instagram

Lee Hall Spiritual Souls Facebook Page 

Jessica Nunes Is Also Working On Her Accredited Certified Practitioner/Teacher Of Intuition Psychic Healing Mediumship Certification. This is to show she is working on it. Her info is to come. She will accept by email.

Kallie Homewood

Is one of my Accredited Practitioner/Teacher Students for Mediumship.

And she is Certified for her Reiki Healing through another teacher.

To contact Kallie for her Mediumship Readings and her Reiki Healing.

Please Email her at.

Hi everyone: I wanted to share with you my Facebook business pages. I currently offer Tarot services and products to include crystals, herbal, meditation, and divination items. I also have an herbal and alternative health business. Products here include herbal supplements, crystals, and alternative products like meditation items, essential oils, and etc.

Certified Practitioner Students From Other Schools Or Academy

Certified Students From Other Schools Or Academy

Cecilia Young Does Reading Services

This is her Facebook Page

She is a certified psychic medium Certified with James Van Praagh .

Mediumship readings are $30. Psychic readings are $40 for 30 mins.

Self Taught Readers or Healers Without Certificates Or Accredited Certified Practitionership Some Might be in the progress of becoming Certified Or Certified Accredited Certified Practitioners

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