Jennifer Accredited Certified Practitioner Students from my School Including Accredited Certified Practitioners Or Not Directory List Healers & Readers & House, Land Cleanse & Spirit/Entity Removal & Shamans & Past Life And Much More

What is this Page About!? Why did I or anyone from this Ad Website page of mine share this page with you!

This Page is from my (Jennifer Bonner) website called ( it is an Ads Page for My Certified Accredited Practitioner Students Or ones who are working on theirs. Including myself. As well as from my other courses from my academy that can be for becoming a practitioner or certified or not.

(depends on the course I make what type) And from other schools and academies or even self-taught readers or healers etc. It ranges from certified practitioners to certified certificates or none which is called self-taught. As well as what type of services they are for such as readings or healings etc.

How to use this Page.

First please read the reviews or feedback left from others who have received their services from us. To help you choose with the reader or healer etc. that you resonate with. Then you will contact the reader or healer etc. that you choose and message them through our contact information underneath our picture.

If they do not have a social media you use or any way to contact them. You can message me here or one of mine that you do have and I will contact them for you. If you are sent here by your reader or healer then please follow the next steps.

Next, after your reading is done. Please come back here and leave your review and feedback. As well on their website or social media area for their or my services that you received from the area you received it at. You can start your review or feedback etc. By saying who the reader or healer is by saying you received a love oracle card reading From (This is an example from Jennifer Bonner)

it will be from your reader or healer’s name to input (input our name) And all else you want to add after. Doing it this way lets others see it’s a love psychic reading or a love oracle card reading or a crystal or reiki healing service etc. So it clarifies and they can search quickly for what review or rating or feedback etc. that they need to read to help speed up with their and your choices.

Why it is important When leaving reviews feedback etc. It greatly helps our services and people finding who they resonate with and what others have said about us. So it helps them to define and narrow down who they want to get their reading or healing from. It helps us to also improve our services and helps us learn and or enhance what services we give.

By helping us know if what we pick up on is accurate or close to or if not correct. Because that part could be for another we just gave a reading to if it’s for a reading type service. So we can also fix and help give the message to the proper person or finish reading into it. Until that part is solved and for whom it is meant for.

Your reviews feedback etc truly helps us Along with many other helpful aspects! We greatly appreciate the ratings and any feedback etc. We send you much love with our heartfelt gratitude with love! To leave a review or any feedback it is The Reply button at the bottom of this page. <3

If you want to become one of my students you can go to these two places for more info. This one is from my website here a page specifically for it found here at this clickable link.

This will direct you directly to my Academy where my courses are at. Also has more information about my courses with this clickable link found here.

If you are looking for other Accredited or Certified Academies or Schools with Practitioner Certification or certifications you can go to my website page found here with this clickable link.

If you are one of my sitter students and or to become one all the information is on my website page found here with this clickable link as well as more info is also on my academy page for this too on the course for it.

If you are looking for handmade that’s anything metaphysical, ethereal, new age, etc. Or not handmade has both. My website here ( I am still working on that section too. This page will be the one to look that up. Here is the clickable link for that as well as my Etsy store has my services and products. Here is the clickable link for my Etsy shop.

Jennifer Bonner CPM, CCH (Certified Practitioner Mediumship, Certified Crystal Healer.)

Hello Loves! I am the owner of this Website I am the Teacher and Mentor and Guide for my Accredited Certified Students who take my Mediumship, Healing, Magical Metaphysical Courses or Classes, and more! My Courses and Classes most are Accredited Certifications for Practitioner for my Students.

You can find that info to become one of my Students at my Acadamey from this clickable link here to direct you to my academy school courses.

My Facebook Page

My School at Jennifer Bonner’s Magical Enlightened Healing School

My Etsy Shop

The difference between my etsy shop and website is…..

My Personal Accredited Certifications for Practitioner and Services and Healings that I offer are Psychic Mediumship, Crystal Healing, Reiki Master, Angelic Healer.

Services such as Healings and Readings also Cleansings and more I offer are. Including Teaching.

Accredited Certified Practitioner Courses And Certified Courses And Classes I Teach

Oracle Card Readings

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Crystal Healings Sessions

Reiki Sessions

Angelic Healing Sessions

Mentorship Guidance Questions I Answer

Objects and House and Land Cleansings

Spirit/Entity Removal To Yourself or Your Departed Loved One

Cross Over Departed Loved Ones or Animals

Detect where your Departed Loved Ones are at If Earth Bound or Ascended Etc. (Ascended/Heaven.)

Combined Readings & Healing Session Or Combined Other Services Options Available to

<3 Jennifer Bonner Accredited Certified Practitioner Students Of Mediumship And Healing And More Types To Come <3

Jennifer & David Scott

Jennifer & David Offer Reading & Healing Services To find more info you can visit their Website and Facebook Page

This is Their Facebook Page

This is their Website

Under is some of what type of services they offer <3 🙂









Rhonda Tompkins Reading & Healing Services

This is Rhonda Tompkins Facebook Page

Under is some of what type of services She offers <3 🙂

Oracle and Tarot Reading free and paid.

Energy Healing free and paid.

DM her for prices and availability.

Hi, my name is Lee Hall. And I accept the sitter’s certification for my readings services. My Business Name is under Spiritual Souls. My Services are Card Readings, Spiritual Communication, I live in the UK I also want to offer my services and help if anyone that is a Paranormal Investigator in the UK looking for help with the paranormal and cleansing please contact me so we can discuss this further!

Here is how you can contact me

Lee Hall Spiritual Souls Instagram

Lee Hall Spiritual Souls Facebook Page 

Jessica Nunes Is Also Working On Her Accredited Certified Practitioner Of Mediumship. This is to show she is working on it. Her info is to come.

Certified Practitioner Students From Other Schools Or Academy

Certified Students From Other Schools Or Academy

Cecilia Young Does Reading Services

This is her Facebook Page

She is a certified psychic medium Certified with James Van Praagh .

Mediumship readings are $30. Psychic readings are $40 for 30 mins.

Self Taught Readers or Healers Without Certificates Or Accredited Certified Practitionership Some Might be in the progress of becoming Certified Or Certified Accredited Certified Practitioners

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