Your Academy or Schools All Types Of Modalities For Teachers To Advertise Your Classes Or Courses Or Facebook Events & Books & Ebooks Etc.

This website page I will update with the info of mine and others when they share their academy and schools info to be placed on this page.

So if you are looking for these services as a to be student this is where the schools or academies will be at. If you are needing to advertise yours please email me. Email found on my website page called About.

This Website page is created for valid schools or academies. Or events or anywhere you teach at. So it is a trusted place to come to and look for what education your needing from the teachers who are participating by putting their schools or academies advertisements here.

This is to help other academies and schools of any kind can be metaphysical can be spiritual, new age, healing, mediumship, reiki, shamans, Christianity, Etc. Any type is approved!

Under each category on this website page here that you are on now. Will have their school or academy along with what all they teach. If your looking for services that will be under this section of my website. If you also do services you can request to have your ad here to. On the website page πŸ‘‡

Below I will use my example as to how your ad can look. (Mine are workable links. So it’s not just an example lol.) You can request how you want yours to look and what it will say etc.

If you have taken any classes or courses from any of us from my website or from us before in any way. Please leave a reply like a review for your education received so students and all can read your reply when choosing which schools or academy from which you choose and have taken from this website page, please.

β˜†β™‘ There is a option on the bottom of this page that says comments. You can leave your comment review there β™‘β˜†

It greatly helps our schools and academies and people finding who they resonate with and what others have said about us. We greatly appreciate the ratings and any feedback etc. We send you much heartfelt gratitude love! The Reply option is at the bottom of this page. <3

Searching For Readers And Sitters And Academy And Schools For My Website Here <3 πŸ™‚ This VIdeo Has Some More Info

Here is a quick example using my own info as an example of what your ad could be like. I will properly do mine soon.

Jennifer B Academy is Accredited & Certified at Teaching Metaphysics, Healing & other Modalities.

To find my Academy and the info about my Certified Practitioner/Teacher Courses & Certified Courses are found at my Academy here.

β™‘β˜† Examples of what I Teach are β˜†β™‘





Metaphysical Esoteric

and much more!

I can’t wait to connect with you πŸ’• as you to are my teacher πŸ’–πŸ™‚

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