Autism Information And Our Social Media’s

Hello Loves! This page will be a work in progress until complete. Information is to come as well as explaining our social media’s. There will be resources and other information such as programs that can be helpful in your loved ones or self recovering autism.

(If you also have your own recovering story or programs you run or use. Please message me if you would love for me to list them on my website page here. Helping each other is not only compassionate but crucial for our well being on our recovering journeys lovely!)

This is also for my son and myself autism recovering journey social media’s.

(Underneath our info is info and clickable links to programs or books that can be helpful for yalls recovering journey.)

This is our recovering naturally autism youtube channel.

This is my son his talk tablet youtube channel.

This is our TikTok for our recovering naturally autism.

This is our Twitter account for recovering naturally autism.–8A&s=09

This is our Recovering Naturally Autism Facebook Page. I have a group we can use together made for this page. The group is found under the group tab on that page.

This is our Instagram account for recovering naturally autism.

I’m on Instagram as @healrecoverautism. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

This is our Gofund Me Page. Please don’t donate yet I’m finishing setting that up. I have two going I must close one down. Since they don’t work with Facebook no more. I had to create a new account and go fund me. I will sort this out as soon as I can. And update here letting you know once it’s fixed.

I am also offering my services if that would be more helpful for you instead of just donating. If you can’t do either or the other very helpful way to is by following or subscribing to our social media accounts. Our Youtube channels is another way to help us big time. By subscribing to our channels and watching the videos and liking and commenting. Including our other social media’s.

The reasons it helps us and anyone on social media. Is it shows that it is being watched or looked at shows engagement on the videos or post. Also my website the more views helps me get us out there to help others in need of what we’re providing by giving hope and information etc. I will explain clearly with details as soon as I can Loves. So there is ways of still helping without putting money into things. We are grateful for each type of way we recieve!! 💕

My Etsy Shop where my online services are at. Will also be on my website to. This is my website. It might be on another page on my website.

I will be finishing this page and other pages on my website until complete.

♡ Programs, Books & Other Recovering Info For Autism, ADD, ADHD Special Needs & More ♡

Naturally Recovering Autusm. This is the Program my son and myself are doing. By Karen Thomas.

Written in purple are clickable links and will open a new tab window to view them in.

Naturally Recovering Autism Book By Karen Thomas This book is also used with the program.

☆ Vitamins & Supplements and More ☆

info to come