Autism Special Needs Healing Info

I will work on this section once i am moved in my new home and settled I will go in detail and share here with yall what I decided and how we can do this healing. 🙂 Thank you for your patients and understanding! Under is the clickable link to go to our youtube channel for this. Where you can subscribe and join in with us when we go live.

To join my healing Facebook page and group which is for healing in all ways. Such as for chakras or emotional wellbeing etc. But as well for healing autism can help with the healing process for their emotional and more! So this will be a combined group and page for different types of healing that I will do.

And once my course is out I will also have my practitioner healer students there with me and hopefully when I start before the course is made I will have already certified healing practitioners to like me of crystal healing and reiki etc. But both can be helpful with the energetic healing for autism or special needs and for everyone. I will explain in details as soon as I can loves.

Underneath are clickable links to my Facebook page and group for healing under those will be for readings because paranormal is always involved with special needs people at any age.

Facebook Healing Page

Facebook Healers Group

Facebook Reading Page Paranormal Mediumship Psychic House Cleansing Spirit Entity Removals Etc.

Facebook Reading Group Paranormal Mediumship Psychic House Cleansing Spirit Entity Removals Etc.

If waning to order from my website here my healing services or healing products I can make on yalls healing journey I will also be selling from my website. I might can add that section here instead of bringing you to my store front page. But I can put a clickable link for you to check it out as well if interested in anything else I offer.

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