Accredited Certified Practitioner Spiritual Coaching and Readings and Healings and More Types of Services By Jennifer B

The picture above shows some of my accredited certified practitioner logos for my teachings and services. So I am accredited and certified as a practitioner to teach and services. The services are because of the certified practitioner courses I took. As well as implementing my own style and how I provide my services from all except from one academy is strickly there teaching and how I provide.

About Me Hi Lovelys! My name is Jennifer and I was born with my abilities. Through training and practicing and learning. Which I still do. So I can further enhance and develop to help provide services and teach. From my own experiences growing up and as a student always learning <3 With you to loves! 🙂

I am now who I am and am heading in the direction I am meant to go <3

I hope my services and teachings provide enlightenment on your life’s soul path. And is healing or anything that it is that your needing <3

This is My Website page where I provide different types of modalities and services such as Spiritual Coaching and Readings and Healings etc. Types of Services.

I am Accredited Certified as a Practitioner for my Accredited Certified Practitioner Courses and Classes I Teach for my Spiritual Coaching, Past Life Readings, Metaphysics, Crystal Healing, Elementals, Energy Healing Work, Reiki Master Healer, Intuitive, Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings, House Cleansing, Elemental Readings, Paranormal Readings, Spirit/ Entity/ ET., etc Removals, Tarot Readings, Oracle Cards Readings, and much more!! I am Accredited Certified through WMA, IEHA, IPHM, IAOTH. IRO.

I am Accredited Certified as a Practitioner for my services through training and practicing etc. From courses, I have taken to provide services such as. Spiritual Coaching, Past Life Readings, Intuitive, Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings, Tarot Readings, Oracle Cards Readings, Crystal Healing, Angelic Healing, Reiki Master Healer, Energy Work, House Cleansing, Elemental Readings, Paranormal Readings, Spirit/Entity/ET., etc. Removals. and much more!!

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Here are my listings to my Etsy shop for now for my readings healings etc. services. They are also for purchase with payment plans. It will be the same with this website once I get them on here too.

Readings And Healing And Mentoring Services Combined Options

If you are wanting to take my accredited certified practitioner courses for your certification or practitioner certification. You can go to my Academy or my Website Page that explains more. Under is this website link tab that will direct you to my website one.

If you want to bypass the descriptions on my website page. You can go directly to my Academy Website.

Or if you are one already and need help with advertising your certified or accredited schools or academies or your services even self-taught. You can email me your certifications or any proof of your teaching or services to approve your academy or schools and services. Please email me them. And I will put your ad on my website. My email is found on the about tab on my website here. And join my certified practitioner students and others <3 I also have one of my courses if you would accept my certified students from my sitter’s course for your readings. Please let me know. For more info about this, it is found here. Your ad listings will also go on there to. SHowing you approve of my certificate they got. And help to advertise your services in another location on my website. All details are on that page below.

Here are my Accreditations and Certifications

These are my Accredited Certifications as a Metaphysics Teacher

Here are two videos with a few of my Certified Certificates for my services. I will be adding more. And updating this video as a new video once I have them. So new videos will keep being made lol. I will end up deleting them if too many and keep it as one newer video until I am done getting all needed for what I provide <3

This is my Newer as of the 2022 Year logos and accredited practitioner certifications more will be added!
This is my older certifications video made in the year 2019

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