Certified Readings and Healing Session By Jennifer B

Hello Lovelys! Welcome to my Website page for my Readings and Healings etc. Services. This Page is going to be used in different ways. I will make a video and make this writing shorter once I have a video that will explain in detail so might be a bit lengthy. Further down on this page will have my accredited certified certificates along with certifications.

Next, I will share my Etsy Shop Listings where to purchase my services at. Soon they will be added to here instead of directing you there. But I will direct you there for my metaphysical products etc. that can be helpful for your sessions or cleansings or altar décor and much more!

Here are my listings to my Etsy shop for now for my readings healings etc. services. I am also in the works of updating them. They are also for purchase with payment plans. Same with this website once I get them on here too.

Readings And Healing And Mentoring Services Combined Options


Soon this will be for them separate to purchase not as combined options. Once there made I will have them listed here.

If you are wanting to take my accredited certified courses for your certification or practitioner certification. You can go to my Academy or my Website Page that explains more. Or if you already are and need help with advertising your certified or accredited schools or academies or your services.

I do have info on my website for that too. Comment me a reply at the bottom of this page and I will help create your ads. For further info to accept my sitter’s certifications students and to also have your ad there please comment a reply to and I will give you the info to. It is also found on my website through my menu tabs options to choose from.

Here are my Accreditations and Certifications

These are my Accredited Certifications as a Metaphysics Teacher

Here is a video with a few of my Certified Certificates for my services. I will be adding more. And updating this video as a new video once I have them. This video will keep being updated lol.

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