Certified Sitters Course Certifications And Readers Listings Who Accept This Certificate

Welcome to Jennifer’s Sitter Certification Course Readers listings. This is for reader’s names who approve of accepting these certificates from my course.

In this video, I talk briefly about the course while showing this page on my website. For more information please message me thank you! (I will be updating and adding the info when I get to it. Lots to do on my website myself lol it’s still under maintenance.) In case I forget to mention it in the video. You do not have to use your picture you can use one that you use for where you give readings at.

Certified Practitioners or Certified or Self taught Readers Listings Who Accept My Certificates For Their Services.

This Is being used as an example how it will look for readers listings.

Hi, my name is Jennifer B. And I accept the sitter’s certification for my readings services. My Services are ( You can name all you do here) (my example is Accredited Certified Practitioner of Psychic, Mediumship, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, etc.) So not limited to just readings.

I accept the certificate by sharing a picture image of your certificate for this sitters certified course. To find my services they are at ( then I would put your info and prices you charge if you would like. Can be your website a Facebook page or Instagram or twitter account etc. etc.

any social media you use including email and all else you want to share for the sitters to find you at. If you want to do a short bio you can to. Anything you want. It is listed for you and the colors and wording etc. can be the way you want your listing to be lovely! <3 🙂

Please know the Readers will still tell you how they do their readings etc. This course just helps my sitter students understand how to do self readings and how readings works by readers not having to explain in detail during a reading what means what etc.

Readings should flow more effectively and efficiently when my students take my sitters course as sitters for readers. This is also to help My Sitter Students find Readers Including My Students who accept this certificate. So it helps all out. <3 🙂 Credible Readers and Sitters.

Jennifer’s Certified Accredited Practitioner Students Who Accept This Sitters Certificate.

Hi, my name is Lee Hall. And I accept the sitter’s certification for my readings services. My Business Name is under Spiritual Souls.

My Services are Card Readings, Spiritual Communication, I live in the UK I also want to offer my services and help if anyone that is a Paranormal Investigator in the UK looking for help with the paranormal and cleansing please contact me so we can discuss this further!

Here is how you can contact me

Lee Hall Spiritual Souls Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spiritualsouls_20/

Lee Hall Spiritual Souls Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/spiritualsouls20/ 

Hi, my name is Jessica Nunes. And I accept the sitter’s certification for my readings services. Jessica Is Also Working On Her Accredited Certified Practitioner Of Mediumship. This is to show she is working on it. Her info is to come.

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