Classes By Jennifer Metaphysical, Mediumship, Healing, New Age, Ethereal, Mystic, Enlightened Etc.

This is where I will show and advertise my classes to purchase at. Until I figure exactly how it will be done. All the details to come once I know. I have also my course page which is found

I am thinking of once you purchase any of my classes. We will use one facebook group unless I find another solution. But you will still have access and interact in the group even if you didn’t pay for the next class. But the content I will be putting here on this website to purchase.

So you won’t have access to class on this website unless paid. But will still be in the group learning with and teaching with each other. We are all teachers and students together loves. But I got to figure if I can do the classes here or if I can on podia like my courses.

I am not sure about all of these aspects yet. But I do want to leave the option to keep all paid class members in whatever group or way we use to communicate and grow together. Some of my classes for that period might not be of interest but you made friendships and love to learn like us so it still gives that chance to grow with us.

And if at a later point a class of mine resonates with you then you can take that one. So you will always be in the group no matter what. I think that’s pretty fair and not end up being heartbroken having to be removed from everyone you grew a friendship with. I will explain and add more later. 🙂

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