Jennifer & My Participating Certified Practitioner Students doing Special Needs Energy Healing Services Info!


Hello Loves! Welcome to Jennifer & My participating certified practitioner students doing special needs energy healing services info! If you are wanting my services for your special needs loved one. Go to my about on my website for more info on how you can contact me for them. (Mention where else here.) Or if you are seeking one of my students are another who provide my or their own healing modalities that you and your loved ones resonate with. If yall are not resonating with me β™‘β˜† There info is provided below. In two sections. β™‘β˜†

The way to know who you and your loved one with special needs, need for yall healing services. Is by looking at our pictures and feeling with your senses your intuition. Who feels right for yall. If your child or adult is like my son. And is non verbal. Let them look through the pictures. Watch their reactions feel into their reactions and let them choose to.

If they feel like someone you feel might not be a good fit for them. Even when they reacted like that is the one their choosing. Then please honor their choice because they will know what’s best for them. Sometimes as a parent or care giver we feel we think we know what’s best. But for them let them choose.

For you, you choose who resonates with you. Sometimes they might resonate with someone different than you is why their choice might be opposite of yours. So you and your loved one with special needs might need two different energy healers πŸ’–

My Certified Practitioner Students Ads For Who Are Offering My Special Needs Energy Healing Services Directory List For You To Search For One Who Resonate With You And Your Loved One With Special Needs! Along with the other healing modalities they offer.

Certified Or Practitioner ads that do Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Healing & Other Healing Modalities for Special Needs Energy Healing Services.

β˜†β™‘ The underneath Website section is for my classes and courses info. β™‘β˜†

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