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I just created a Go Fund Me Page for my son and for my business. For my son healing his autism and for our cost of living and business so I can get stable to afford living and healing for him. Details are on this go fund me page.


Hello Lovelys! Besides these options please keep reading on for all the options for donations options. Are you looking for monthly for yearly or on the spot when I am available for your reading or healing or mentoring done once a month or maybe even more for free including with discounts only for you in this Facebook group!?

This helps to give that option as well for my services and products at a discount and so much more! This group will help with more like-minded people who also want to help others along our soulful journey together and with my services etc.

A go-to active group with so many helpful options from all of us. I will also be able to do live readings and healings services in this group to for monthly and or yearly subscriptions donated through my PayPal or Stripe. For these options, it is for monthly please do not donate lower than $35.00 a month unless we discuss that or I change that option I will fluctuate with pricing until I can get it to a stable pricing.

I won’t change your price you signed up for. Yours will continue at the same price as you signed up for. But after that, each person new or rejoins and if it is at a different price then it is that for then until I change the price or we discuss it. So it is for monthly donations for continued reading and healing mentoring services. Throughout the year for each month.

If that option don’t work. I will work on other options and pricing and see if I can figure a payment plan and maybe specific months out of that year or any different option that will work with it all from the payments and options I will do for other options other than this for now. Please work with me so we can smoothly do this and get this going for you to <3 🙂

Here are more options for donations. This part of My Website does accept Donations for my Services and to help keep my Small Online Business Open. <3 🙂 This is also for when I do your readings through one of my Live videos you can come here and find it quickly.

I will post in Facebook and put in the Description of the Live as well as Comment in both areas with this website link to bring you directly here. The first is one you can Donate to for any custom price or select the ones available. the other Donate Website options are for Payment Plans Options. <3

If you are not able to pay in full or payment plan options. And would like a mini reading or healing at the price that you can pay. Let me know and I will work it out with you. Please message me or write a reply asking. And or find my contact info through two places on my website. Here are clickable links to choose from.

I am Truly Grateful and Appreciate all of your Love and Support as I grow my Business and Services and Magical Metaphysical Elemental Products and Courses and all that I do! And all that you have been here for me and truly if you were not here I would not be where I am at or where I am going!

I would not be able to have my dreams come true! So, I truly do appreciate all that you do and do with me! I am sending you much Love, Gratitude, and Thanks!! I am wishing you and your loved ones many more bright magical happy healthy joyful love comforts and blessings <3

This Website Link above this written Is to My PayPal for Donations Paid In Full.

The Website Link above is to my PayPal Donation for the options of a monthly donation to. And you can set up that monthly payment with them. As well as more pricing options and the option to donate the amount you want to once. When I start Monthly Classes for my Courses and what else I do. I think we can use that option for monthly is where you could have it pulled out at for..

This one below is payment-plan options. One-time, Monthly, Yearly. This is with my Stripe. Along with custom making your choices out of those options along with the amount you custom choose or click on with the options available.

Please read after this last donation option for your free gift for donating the information is under this donation box.


Make a one-time donation

Make a monthly donation

Make a yearly donation

Choose an amount


Or enter a custom amount


Your contribution is very much appreciated! Your love and support are what is helping to keep this going! My dream is that One day I will with these donations and have options to where you can donate to so we can also help others grow from our love and our support! So I can also give back to others with our help including mine! I do give many free services and I hope to continue to! I am sending you much love, gratitude, and thanks!

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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<3 ~ A Gift In Return For All Who Donate Only. And For All Who Accept This Gift. ~ <3

Thank you lovely for your donation!! We will meet up in my Facebook group found below or somewhere else if you do not prefer to join the private Facebook group of mine. If you join and send me the request to join. I will post a pre-recorded video there or posts or something we all decide on together or solo for that month what you would like and how I will do it. From my service options, I am available that month to give for one day of that month.

I will also be offering discounted services in the group and much more! So the group is active and not only used once a month. But the free gift is once a month along with discounts and more! For only that group so I can continue to help give back from the donations I receive. I do have other groups and social medias where I also give like holiday sales or anytime I can afford to or when I am guided to.

I’m thinking once a month for the monthly and yearly donators and if the donations stop the free gift service stops. If redone you will be added to my list again. Also for the one-time donation amount for the one-time donation, you will get yours fit in with the yearly and monthly donators for that month of the one time you donated. You will and all will still receive the discounts and all.

Once you donated join this Facebook group for your free service that you want. Mostly will be a mini service because in full it is very time-consuming and depends on how many donations I receive how much I need to work on for that month.

Please when sending the request to join this group please answer and write and check box the membership questions. Then read the rules that say to read the announcement post then sign that to please. The announcement post also answers your questions with lots of important info. Thank you lovely.

If you are donating because of a live reading for you. Then this doesn’t apply to that because you are getting your reading or healing service. However, if you want to be a reoccurring donation or once or a few etc. you can choose at any time to do so this option is available for you.

This free gifts do not apply to donating for a live video reading or healing because you already are getting yours. This also don’t apply to my classes or courses. However, there is already a Facebook group you are in if you are taking them. If you do this outside of the classes or courses or after you have got your live reading or healing services done.

Then yes you can donate for another mini reading or healing or at a price you can do that at any time and that I agree to accept the price we discussed for it then you can purchase and join my Facebook group above as well.

To purchase any of my reading or healing services at a full price or with payment plan options or a price we agree on together then you do have the option to donate through here for pay in full or payment plan options if you feel the options on my website here or my Etsy shop are not in your price range including their payment plan option on Etsy and my website.

Here are my services you can purchase at full price or payment plan options starting with my website.

My Etsy Shop also on my website has combined reading and healing options like my Etsy shop has to! If more services are needed and at a discount so you can get all of them.

if you need my services and can only do donations then please let me know we will discuss this further lovely!

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