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Hello Loves! I wrote on the main page of my website. Saying the info about our go fund me page. Will be on this clickable link below. Below that will be brief info about it. To see videos and to watch our journey that info is on there. I am sharing it on this page to.

Our Go Fund Me Page

As of right now in the year 2023. From March to October 2023 My Non Verbal Autistic son was in a rehabilitation/nursing home recovering from his broken femur.

I am paying out of pocket for that and for our naturally recovering autism program.

So any donations in any amounts and times are greatly appreciated!! This helps cover the cost of medical bills/ recovering autism program/ bills/ food.

((((Will finish updating))))

I am not able to work. But my work is through my services which don’t pay much and through selling my physical products online my Etsy shop. Which covers some of the shop costs. I have raised my son from day one. And I have not been able to go to college. So I am stuck. I know the masses are struggling too! And we are part of that as well. So I try to do live free readings or services when I can. My way to help as well. Right now I am working on Youtube videos for classroom course content. Including my courses.

Underneath this writing, the about and contact information has our social media information such as our youtube channels so you can see his hospital stay and some of the rehabilitation nursing home stay. He is still currently there and were near May 2023 now.

You can make a donation in any way you want through the options below <3 We seriously are grateful for any help that you can provide! I truly hope I have been of some help for you too! <3 We send you our love, gratitude, and thanks!!


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Your contribution is very much appreciated! Your love and support are what is helping to keep us going! My dream is that One day I will with these donations and have options to where you can donate to so we can also help others who need donations to grow from our love and our support! So I can also give back to others with our help including mine! I do give many free services and I hope to continue to! I am sending you much love, gratitude, and thanks!

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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If you are searching for my services including my students or my products or courses. You can go to the clickable link below this paragraph. Or if your searching only for mine then My Etsy Shop is the clickable link below color is purple. I am working on my Etsy shop the listings again since I just took it out of vacation mode. I will have combined reading and healing services options! Including my courses or physical and soon-to-be handmade items. On my website here I also have further information about my courses and services on this section of my website. Here is the clickable link.

Below is a clickable link that will direct you to my Etsy Shop <3

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