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My Patreon Channel Further Information’s

My Email To ask me further questions about the Patreon Channel or any other inquiries before joining or purchasing. Please Email me at. I wanted to have this page on my website set up so I can answer some questions here like a Q&A and give my info so you can directly ask me. Which is my email written above this paragraph. And help to explain a bit further what my Patreon Channel and other info is about. Here is my Patreon Channel <3 🙂 Q & A When I Paid For Your Services Do I Get A…

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Autism Information And Our Social Media’s

Hello Loves! This page will be a work in progress until complete. Information is to come as well as explaining our social media’s. There will be resources and other information such as programs that can be helpful in your loved ones or self recovering autism. (If you also have your own recovering story or programs you run or use. Please message me if you would love for me to list them on my website page here. Helping each other is not only compassionate but crucial for our well being on our recovering journeys lovely!) This is also for my son…

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Yearly Free Spiritual Coaching Monthly Classes A Chance for you to win free or discount. And Spiritual Coaching Self Work Details In Post

Hello Loves! I created my yearly classes for my Spiritual Coaching! A year of dreaming! And now it is created! I had set my intent and set it free. And here we are now. Now it is created <3 🙂 The monthly classes for this year are on my protected password website page found here. For the full information, it is found here. You can do the self-work in my Facebook groups or through email. You also get discounts on my practitioner courses or my services when you join and participate in the protected private Facebook groups. If…

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Trusted Shops

Hello Loves! I created this page on my website for trusted shops! Some are my friends. Some might be from your friends. Or you requested or accepted my offer to include your own shop on my website. <3 🙂 I have wanted to create this for some time. To share more love in other ways! Other than sharing our schools or academies or services etc. If you want to be added on my other tabs on my website for this. Please send me a request by either commenting on the bottom of this page or the page you are wanting…

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My Teaching and Services Certifications Updates & My Website Updates & Sacred Magical Gardening Tip💙💞

Hello Loves! First off thank you for reading this blog! I greatly appreciate you taking your time out to view this! I do hope this is helpful in anyway for you lovely! 💙💞 I will try to keep this short. Above is one of my Facebook page clickable link to read further details there for the brief mention that I am mentioning here. I wanted to offer this first before going into what this blog post is about. What I’m offering is something free from my services I offer or courses. These will switch from time to time. Some…

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Missing And Cold Cases

Hello Loves! This Page is for missing and cold cases. Some I have worked on and some have came to me in spirit to work on. This is also for the Facebook group I created for this. I will in time have my students on there as well as others including myself. Who are also psychics and mediums. I will be adding more to this page along the way. I am still not done with my website yet. Please join the group if you want to share your own missing or cold case or your local ones or any you…

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Welcome to My Magical Blogs & Website Loves! <3 :)

Hello Lovelys! It’s that time for an update! 🙂 I have not been able to work on this website since the final decision to move into a home was fully decided. I was going to get one on the property that I am at. But decided we should buy one elsewhere. So since all the fun packing and all the extra goodies lol. I have not had time to blog or update much on my website. So once I get moved in and settled then I will be back at it! Much work to do! So I can get back…

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Jennifer & Michael Naturally Recovering Healing Autism Info!

☆♡ Hello Loves! Welcome to Jennifer & Michael (my son) Naturally Recovering Healing Autism Info! ☆♡ Under is the clickable link to go to our youtube channel for this. Where you can subscribe and join in with us when we go live. Further down is more info about this website page! 💖 The program called Naturally Recovering Autism By Karen Thomas has started again! And I joined! Feb 2022. This website page of ours for Jennifer & Michael are for some of our updated youtube videos. Where we will pre record his Naturally Recovering Healing his Autism. I will…

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My YouTube Channels Videos Playlists

This page for my website is for my YouTube Channels and Playlists that I have on our YouTube Channels. I created this page to help explain our Youtube Channels and Playlists further. I am also editing this page and all of my websites at the moment until they are all complete. Right now we are doing playlists on these channels to help keep it organized because there are many topics and things we do. There is no set day or time I upload or go live. There are pre-recorded videos on my playlists and will go live when we can…

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Enchanting ~ Love ~ Creations Shop

This is where my physical products will be. When I get back to selling physical products like I did on my etsy store Mystic Realms Readings. Written in Feb 2022. Soon I’ll be selling my services here and on my etsy store. This page will be different when I am ready

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My TikTok & YouTube Vids & YT Shorts Vids Info!

Hello Loves! Welcome to my TikTok & YouTube Channels Info Loves! This page is to show some of my videos that might be helpful or show some of what i do on these youtube channels & on my TikTok. I do a range of many things! I also have different playlists on my YouTube Channels. The playlists and Videos Options New types will be being added. As I grow with more options! Here are some of what I do now! If your interested in Naturally Recovering Autism type videos. Here is the info for that on my website page found…

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Jennifer & My Participating Certified Practitioner Students doing Special Needs Energy Healing Services Info!

💫THIS WEBSITE PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR THIS TAB. 💫 Hello Loves! Welcome to Jennifer & My participating certified practitioner students doing special needs energy healing services info! If you are wanting my services for your special needs loved one. Go to my about on my website for more info on how you can contact me for them. (Mention where else here.) Or if you are seeking one of my students are another who provide my or their own healing modalities that you and your loved ones resonate with. If yall are not resonating with me ♡☆ There info is…

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Your Academy or Schools All Types Of Modalities For Teachers To Advertise Your Classes Or Courses Or Facebook Events & Books & Ebooks Etc.

This website page I will update with the info of mine and others when they share their academy and schools info to be placed on this page. So if you are looking for these services as a to be student this is where the schools or academies will be at. If you are needing to advertise yours please email me. Email found on my website page called About. This Website page is created for valid schools or academies. Or events or anywhere you teach at. So it is a trusted place to come to and look for what education your…

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Certified Sitters Course Certifications And Readers Listings Who Accept This Certificate

Welcome to Jennifer’s Sitter Certification Course Readers listings. This is for reader’s names who approve of accepting these certificates from my course. In this video, I talk briefly about the course while showing this page on my website. For more information please message me thank you! (I will be updating and adding the info when I get to it. Lots to do on my website myself lol it’s still under maintenance.) In case I forget to mention it in the video. You do not have to use your picture you can use one that you use for where you give…

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About my blogs

Hello lovelys! I decided to make blogs for different purposes. Such as updates like when and where and what I’m doing live videos for. For example I’ll share when I go live about what day so you can look out for when. And if it’s for my readings, healings, events, my shop etc. And which social media ill be on whether my Facebook or YouTube or live streaming with both etc. Also updates to any changes. Or any sales on my services and products. Even mentoring blogs arts and crafts even food or drink recipes. Even my accredited certified practitioner…

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Contact Information

Get in Touch Through My Email Or Social Medias Messaging Areas Here is my Social Media Website Links to Contact me through my messaging system through each social media provider. In the Picture Icons once selected You can contact me through my Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. The next two are my Facebook Groups for Readings and Healings, My other Twitter Account, And My Etsy Shop. TikTok. I am making many changes since my encounters. So I have learned to ensure to make our community a safe loving place to go to. Since these changes, I have new Social media.…

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This Website has all the info I do as well as Provide not only for myself. But for my friends and my certified practitioner students and trusted shop owners and much more! I’m sharing the Love! Check out my Website tabs to see all that is done on my website <3 🙂 I was offering free spiritual coaching classes. For last year and might continue to make them each year. For me teaching and your learning and doing your own self-work. Also a winner or all win options from free or discounted on my certified practitioner courses or services I…

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Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right. You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here. Why do this? Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog? Because it will help you focus your own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to…

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Donations Paid In Full & Donations Payment Plan Options <3 :)

Hello Loves! As I wrote on the main page of my website. As of right now in the year 2023. My son is in a rehabilitation/nursing home recovering from his broken femur. I am paying out of pocket for that and for our naturally recovering autism. So any donations in any amounts and times are greatly appreciated!! This helps cover the cost of medical bills/rehabilitation living stay/ recovering autism program/ bills/ food. I am not able to work. But my work is through my services which don’t pay much and through selling my physical products online my Etsy shop. Which…

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Accredited Certified Practitioner Spiritual Coaching and Readings and Healings and More Types of Services By Jennifer B

The picture above shows some of my accredited certified practitioner logos for my teachings and services. So I am accredited and certified as a practitioner to teach and services. The services are because of the certified practitioner courses I took. As well as implementing my own style and how I provide my services from all except from one academy is strickly there teaching and how I provide. About Me Hi Lovelys! My name is Jennifer and I was born with my abilities. Through training and practicing and learning. Which I still do. So I can further enhance and develop to…

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Enchanting ~ Love ~ Creations Certified Courses, Spiritual Coaching Classes & More!

☆♡ ~ Hello Loves! My name is Jennifer ~♡☆ Welcome to this page lovely! Please read all of this info. For this section for our spiritual coaching monthly classes. As I don’t have much time to answer questions. However, I will answer your questions lovely! At this time my time is limited. I’m juggling recovering my son’s autism, these classes, finishing creating the courses, and more loves. Below this section, you will find my academy and info on my courses. Right now let’s talk about my Free Spiritual Coaching Monthly Classes for the Year! 2022 ♡ And in coming years…

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Jennifer Accredited Certified Practitioner /Teacher Students Including Other Certified or Practitioners Or Self Taught Directory List of Advertisments

What is this Page About!? Why did I or anyone from this Ad Website page share this page with you! This Page is from my website called ( it is an Ads Page for My and Others Certified Accredited Practitioner Teacher Students Or ones who are working on theirs. Including my ad as an example. But it is a workable ad, not just a full example. And from my other courses from my academy that can be for becoming a practitioner/teacher or certified or not. This is Not Limited to just my students. For taking my courses. There are others…

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Welcome To Enchanting Love Creations Website

Hello Loves! My name is Jennifer! And welcome to my website! (My Website is still under construction.) As of May 2023 and on my son and I need your help <3 Until I can figure out how to fix this. Right now money is flying right out of my pocket! My son broke his femur in Feb 2023. We both also are on a recovering autism program. He’s been living in a rehabilitation/ nursing home. On this page on my website has all the information on there. It is a donation page for us. Please read it and if able…

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