Missing And Cold Cases

Hello Loves! This Page is for missing and cold cases. Some I have worked on and some have came to me in spirit to work on. This is also for the Facebook group I created for this. I will in time have my students on there as well as others including myself. Who are also psychics and mediums. I will be adding more to this page along the way. I am still not done with my website yet. Please join the group if you want to share your own missing or cold case or your local ones or any you would like read into. Thank you lovely! Please help spread the word about this group. Underneath are a few examples of readings I have been doing recently. Of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie.

The above video is the one I did of Gabby Petito. She came to me and got me to read into and check into their story. It is explained in my Facebook group post for this video. She was wearing her favourite sweater as I described in the video. That’s the one they used to identify her by her clothing. The shiny object I am still not sure yet what that is. maybe something for evidence I don’t know yet. I also break it down in the post and video explaining what things meant once I figured them out and they were revealed. I have yet to mention the sweater yet. So am mentioning it here until I do post it there on that post.

This is Brian Laundrie reading I did on October 4, 2021. Once things are revealed I will explain them here and on the post in the Facebook group as well.

Here is the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/318218153435183