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My Email To ask me further questions about the Patreon Channel or any other inquiries before joining or purchasing. Please Email me at.

I wanted to have this page on my website set up so I can answer some questions here like a Q&A and give my info so you can directly ask me. Which is my email written above this paragraph. And help to explain a bit further what my Patreon Channel and other info is about.

Here is my Patreon Channel <3 šŸ™‚

Q & A

When I Paid For Your Services Do I Get A Free Reading Since I Paid For This Months Patreon Package?

Yes And No at the same time. Yes Because you will get a Free Mini one. No, because that is why I am seeing if I am connecting with you and all else that I am trying to do for your reading or healing service. And once we both know I am then you can purchase separate a full reading or healing etc. service. And I will focus solely on you the day or night I work on it.

Do I have to be present for your Free Mini or Paid Readings or Healings Services you provide? By being on the phone or online on a video chat etc.

No. I say this because of my situation. I am raising my Non Verbal Autistic son. And I have weird hours when I am able to work. I am also able to focus better than being on the spot communicating and am not able to focus on the session in full. I am also working on recovering our autism naturally. So in hopes that one day things will improve then maybe I can do one on one live sessions with you. But certain parts of it I will need to do like now focus on it alone. So I can hone in clearly.

How Do I Join Your Discord & Facebook Group?

All of this is sent to you in an email that you email me after you purchased this Package on Patreon or my Etsy shop Listing. (Hang on to your receipt it will be needed to be shown in the email you send me. More info on that in these paragraphs!)

Discord & Facebook Group will be emailed to you. My Facebook Group also has a Page and the Group has a chat area with a Chat Messenger so the whole group can join in to talk on. I named that Our Community Chats <3 šŸ™‚

The Facebook Page I am thinking I will have that for posting live videos or events, or updates etc. That Page is called Metaphysical Energy Healing Paranormal Classroom & Services Patreon & Etsy.

To join the Facebook Group. Please answer all of the questions or else your request gets automatically denied by Facebook. Since that is how they have it set up as. That means answer and check mark everything and any other way they ask. LOL idk how many times I have had to let people know that. You will also be emailed this information.

Don’t worry I will know when someone is trying to sneak in. Because one of the questions is when emailing me. Show me the receipt of your purchase to show you have bought to join. (Please block out any private information like a card number or address etc. For your safety. People do hack into emails.) I just need to see it was purchased. The date of and which place you purchased from. Patreon or Etsy.

Then I will check to see if it was fully purchased or asked for a refund to be sure I don’t add you in case you changed your mind or was not able to afford it. I will email you asking for this information if so. And see if we can work something affordable like a monthly plan that will not be refundable. So please know you can afford this before purchasing. Meaning you have that amount and some as of now. Because life happens and jobs sometimes can be lost.

There’s to much scamming going on. So i do ask please be responsible when purchasing. Some places wont allow refunds. And then someone is stuck not able to eat or pay a bill because trapped paying monthly or what was bought and how. Just giving heads up in case any of these services does that. I am not sure myself. Please research and see if they do before purchasing.

Plus this ensures no hackers scammers etc. get into our group or discord. And it is as safe as it can be. That’s why I also ask please don’t send your friends direct links unless they are willing to purchase to join. I would hate to let them down by refusing their request and getting their hopes up. If you feel it can be helpful for them to be aware about and can afford it some other time it is ok to share then. As long as they are aware this must be purchased to enter.

To Join on my Etsy Shop Here is the direct clickable link

My Etsy Shop is called Mystic Realms Readings

My Etsy Shop will have options for you to choose. You can do a Month or 6 months or a year option with payment plans. I figured that would be helpful for when you want to lets say see if I connect with you for a reading or a healing etc. service that I offer.

And we both want to see if I can connect. And if you want to connect with like minded people in our social media groups. And get extra free mini services if others are joined that month that will offer that and their paid or donated services to.

What Are My Refund Options?

If I am not able to connect with you for your services. And that was the only reason why you joined my Patreon Channel. I will either offer you a 5% up to 50% Refund depending on the situation and what we agree with. I cant for 100% Because I was at least trying to connect and was trying.

Will I Offer More Than One Services Per Month For You?

It will all depend on how many are in the area you are at. Unless you joined both. Such as My Discord and My Facebook Group. If I am able to focus I will try each time I am available and when it is needed. The reason my readings can maybe be once a week or so. Is because I focus on the near past, present, and near future. If i focused on further in the past or future then it would be different and I would do your services maybe every few months or so. But mine can be more frequent. But that is if I am available and not swamped with my etsy services and or doing my services in the facebook group and discord app.

If there are any other Q& A You would like me to answer for you and to put on here because we think it can be helpful. I will for sure do that! Please Email me that info. And We will go from there. My Email is at the top of this page Lovely! <3 šŸ™‚

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