My TikTok & YouTube Shorts Videos

This page is to show some of my videos but the rest to be seen is on my TikTok and YouTube Shorts Videos. I do free oracle cards Readings. You pick and choose your card(s) the reveal in the video with messages. To further that reading for you or for your own reading. You can go to my Etsy shop listings for those. Which all details will be further down into this page.

I also mentor and guide and answer questions on my TikTok and YouTube shorts Videos. Along with I have listings you can purchase to further get guidance mentoring or confirming etc. from. You can share your stories with us and or comment what you feel to with our community lovely. We welcome you <3 🙂

If you found this page from one of my videos you can leave a reply in the comment section which is at the bottom of this page. And i can answer you there or through a comment on one of my YouTube or tiktok videos. Even trough my email here where you can message me at as well.

I do mini teachings mentoring guiding and confirming and more in my videos. But as I said to get one on one sessions or readings etc. with me to further help you with yours. Please message me however you can as I just mentioned above.

These videos I’m sharing are just a few. I have a playlist on my YouTube which I will put here and my Tik Tok account so you can see them all. And choose the ones that resonate with you each moment you check them out.

I am still figuring all out that I will be doing with these videos. I will be also showing my products I hand make and sale in my Etsy shop as well as soon will be sold from here to. Reminders as well for when I go live on my Facebook and YouTube including my events and much more!

I will update this page with a short video explaining more. I am still working on my website and many other things at the moment. Enjoy these videos and to see more The Clickable Website links are next. First is my TikTok then My Youtube Channel.

To find my Readings Healings Mentoring services you can click on this clickable link to direct you to my website page with further info. Please keep in mind at the moment I am still working on and updating my website. Soon it will be with clarity lovely. I’m still figuring out all that I am doing and will keep adding along the way each new thing I do.

to be interviewed by me with your story or just to share your story and if you want me to share it in a video on my YouTube or tiktok I can. If you just want to share your story by a comment you can do so too on my videos. If to be interviewed or share your story for video then please comment on the reply on the bottom of this page or comment in the videos or message me. Thank you Lovely! <3 🙂

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