My TikTok & YouTube Vids & YT Shorts Vids Info!

Hello Loves! Welcome to my TikTok & YouTube Channels Info Loves!

This page is to show some of my videos that might be helpful or show some of what i do on these youtube channels & on my TikTok. I do a range of many things! I also have different playlists on my YouTube Channels. The playlists and Videos Options New types will be being added. As I grow with more options! Here are some of what I do now! If your interested in Naturally Recovering Autism type videos. Here is the info for that on my website page found here.

♡☆ Here is a list of what I do now and some topics I cover on my YouTube channels & playlists & tiktok ☆♡

Cards Readings

Psychic Mediumship Readings

My Sacred Healing Gardening (with crystals, reiki & more!)

Paranormal Readings

Spiritual Coaching Guidance Soul Alignment

Healing Modalities (such as Crystal Healing, Reiki, Angelic Healing, Shamanic Healing, Universe & More!)

Elemental Readings Info & Incarnation


Past Life

And More!

TikTok 👇

I will update this soon with a bit more info as well as my YouTube channels & playlists Loves! Under is some videos for now.

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