My Videos Playlists

These are the playlists to mine and my sons youtube channel. So the playlists shows for each video of that topic what type of video playlists that i have. ( I will explain more soon. )

The playlists on my channel are my Readings, Healings, Cooking and Healthy Drinks With Printable Recipes And Décor And Art Work Out Etc., Mentorship, Crystal Singing Bowls Chakras, Metaphysical Products I’m Selling. ( I will finish and clarify each one. My Son channel is Healing Autism.

Under here will be the videos playlists For each one with a further brief description of the playlist’s videos. You can follow both of my YouTube Channels and playlists for more content. Examples of two of the video playlist are under this paragraph. (MORE INFO TO COME)

Healing Autism More description to come. This is my son and myself mostly in these videos. This is our YouTube Channel.