My YouTube Channels Videos Playlists

This page for my website is for my YouTube Channels and Playlists that I have on our YouTube Channels. I created this page to help explain our Youtube Channels and Playlists further.

I am also editing this page and all of my websites at the moment until they are all complete.

Right now we are doing playlists on these channels to help keep it organized because there are many topics and things we do. There is no set day or time I upload or go live. There are pre-recorded videos on my playlists and will go live when we can from time to time. My channels will not focus on only one topic. However, my son’s talk tab channel is written below with a clickable link. That channel at the moment has one topic being his talk tablet. But I am sure over time it will have a bit extra topics.

Right now it is hard for me to say exactly what it is that we do on our youtube channels. And with all the new playlists being created for them. Because as I create something new, something new comes up for me to create! So each time I think ok it’s going to be let’s say these three things. All of a sudden it ends up with seven things with those three lol. Plus I go by what you what our lovely viewers want along with my guidance when I create new playlists and topics for each playlists.

But once I have some time I will sit down write the topics the names of each playlists and to which channels and write down here what they all are with a brief explanation of each and with the channels clickable link here so you can select which one you are interested in. I will update each channels as well so I can make sure some of the same topics are not in the other. Or end those playlists leave them up and if you want more let me know. I can start making videos on that topic again. But for now, I am mentioning some topics and giving clickable links to each of my channels until I can sit down and do what I said in this paragraph.

The playlists on two of my youtube channels are my Readings, Healings, Cooking and Healthy Drinks With Printable Recipes And Décor And Intuitive Art, Work Out Etc., Sacred Magical Healing Gardening, Teaching and Mentorship, Crystal Healing Singing Bowls For Chakras, Ethereal, Metaphysical Products I’m Selling. Gaming, And much more!

I also now have two other YouTube Channels for Healing Autism. One he will learn to communicate with his talk tablet. And maybe other types of videos for that channel. The other Healing Autism Channel will be more for showing us cooking or making non-allergetic foods without dyes and preservatives etc. Also essential oils and anything healing in any way. That can help heal his autism. Meaning less to no pains such as headaches or tummy aches. Helping him to focus and better coordination and much more! I also want to do interviews or pre-recorded interviews mainly. Helping to spread the word of your services or products that are healing. Anything plant-based or holistic or herbal etc. Non-toxic, please!

I am hoping we can get a community not just for autism or special needs. But anyone on a healing path for their healthier wellbeing. These channels can help with that to Including one of my other ones that start with Crystal Reiki. I will be listing each channels below with a clickable link so it is easier to find. If you like the videos or any from the playlists you watch. On the right-hand bottom corner is an icon look you can click it and it will get you subscribed to that channel if you would like. So you can find which one you prefer and like.

Under here will be the videos playlists For each one also in time with a further brief description of the channels and playlist’s videos. You can follow any of my YouTube Channels and playlists for more content that you resonate with. (MORE INFO TO COME)

I will list all of our youtube channels here. I just created this one July 2021. But will list the rest as soon as I can. WIth more info about each one. Underneath will have a video to this new channel.

Here is a lists of these channels I just spoke of. These videos underneath might change from time to time to keep the videos updated as well.

This is the Crystal Reiki Youtube Channel I mentioned earlier.

This is my other similar channel to the Crystal Reiki one.

Here is our Healing Autism Channel

This is Michaels Healing Autism channel while communicating through his talk tablet.

Healing Autism More description to come. This is my son and myself mostly in these videos. This is our YouTube Channel.