Selenite Plug in Wall Lamp with Bulb 11 Inches


This is a simple product.

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This listing is for a close to 11 inches tall selenite plug-in the wall lamp. It has a light bulb in it. It is in the hole part where you would put the bulb at. At the bottom of the lamp. I opened the box plugged it in to make sure it works and to also take these pictures with it. That’s why it is only listed once because this one you see in the pictures is the exact one you would get. I only have a few more left. I hope to find another seller with these and i will re-stock up on these. These truly are a beauty. I have two in my house. It has an on and off switch on the cord.

Selenite is known for its calming, peaceful as well as connections with the angelic realm and our divine guides. It also helps cleanse other crystals. If you are searching for a loving angelic vibe and to help aid in connecting with your angelic realm and divine guides this beauty will help out with it. Or you can place your crystals near or necklaces and bracelets on it will help to cleanse your crystals.

If you do healing services such as reiki, crystal healing, etc. You can place this in your room you do your sessions in. Or even at an area you connect with your clients at for meditation or home and helps with meditating. Many uses you can use this selenite lamp with. It’s just downright beautiful and the energies are amazing!


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