Crystal Healing Session for One Hour


Hello Lovelys, This listing is for an hour-long Crystal Healing Session.

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Due to the corona virus affecting many. I am lowering the price down to help make it affordable.

If you like my healing session and want more in the future let me know and i will make you a 10% discount coupon for each healing session that you buy on my Etsy shop to always give you a discount <3 🙂 This is for crystal healing and reiki healing online sessions. So one coupon for the one you are coming back for. Unless you get both from me crystal and reiki healing sessions. You will also get one for each. So let’s say it was a crystal healing session you got and a reiki healing session you got. Then you will get a 10% off your next crystal healing and another 10% off but for the reiki healing. Since you got both healing sessions. 🙂

This listing is for a one-hour crystal healing energy session.
When you purchase this, it comes with a PDF file to read through and answer the few questions that I have. I help briefly teach as well as describe and more what this session can do how it works and heals etc.

This purchase can be for any type of crystal energy healing session that you need. I list a few examples in the PDF file but it is up to you what you want this healing session to be. In the pictures of this purchase you see an example of the throw rug that I use with some crystals as an example of how the online healing will be. The pictures are not active or charged or doing any kind of purpose to be felt energetically wise. It is just intended to show an example of the work I will be doing for your session. And how I work on each chakra.

Each crystal layout will be different. And I will take pics of yours and video (remind me I added the video option lol.) The video will be of the full session and you will see and I can explain some further on video. But I will mostly be quiet filming so I can focus on the session. (At the moment I can not offer it live video with you on the video too. But in time I will.) The video will be on my YouTube unlisted only you can see once I send you the YouTube video link.

I do picture and if you need a video to I will so i can show you as well as keep in your folder with your questions answered from you and it will be your own chart that I can keep up with for your next sessions if you need more or choose to have me as your crystal healer when you need healing.

I will write a brief section here of what’s needed to do before and during and after your crystal healing session. It is written in detail on the PDF file you will receive once you purchase this listing. I will need a picture of you when you felt vibrant and healthy and happy. I will also need to know what type of session you are needing. Like Love, business – job, manifesting your outcome, fertility, etc.

Drink plenty of purified water and keep hydrated. This is energy healing work dealing with energy we need lots of water. You can also do a salt bath to help release the energy after the session is done. You can also use specific essential oils salt blends with herbs to help add in extra energy layers to receive as you release. To receive with those blends, try to match it to your crystal healing session purpose so it all matches. I do make and use organic ingredients salt bath essential oil and some herbal blends. Check out my Etsy shop for that and see if I can make you one if it is not listed the kind that you need.

We will work together to set up an appointment when you will want to receive your healing. First contact me before purchasing this listing so we can figure this out together. Or if you have any further questions to ask me. I wrote in the PDF file in detail about my availability. As well as helping ease any of your concerns if we are not able to match up or all of your refund questions answered there which will be full refunds to what I wrote them down as on the PDF file. We will discuss all of this in our messaging.

Another thing to ease your worry which I wrote further in detail on PDF file. Is that you do not have to be fully available to receive this healing. So, you can be anywhere at any time and still receive. If you can relax as I describe there where and how that can be helpful. But either way you will receive your healing.

If you are purchasing this as a gift let me know. Or if you are purchasing this session to be done on someone else, I also wrote in the PDF file how that can be done. If it is not able to be done, you will get a full refund of money back.

If you would like me to share your crystal healing session picture as one of my pictures on the listing, please let me know and I will be glad to share that with others. Also, if you would like your picture to be shown in the picture with your first name if that is allowed let me know all that you would like me to share. If I don’t share that on my listings I will on my website page found at

And I will make a tab there specifically for all the pictures that I can share there at. If you comment and rate my services and allow me to share that with others on my website found on this section of it I will share what you allow me to share for your comment and rating as well I can screen shot it I can also black out your last name if need be and your picture however you feel comfortable with I will do.

For safety reasons i put in the PDF file my certified certificates for this service work i am providing. So no one can steal my name or certificates and make false services with it. To see The certification for the crystal healing it is on my shop page. To see my other certifications it is in the PDF file. But so is this crystal healing certified certificate. So its on both places on my shop page and my PDF file.

If you prefer a shorter session such as a 45 minute or 30 minute one i do have listings for those. And of course the prices are different. If you are needing a 30 minute or a hour long crystal healing session for your animal i do have listings for those as well.

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