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Hello Loves!

I created this page on my website for trusted shops! Some are my friends. Some might be from your friends. Or you requested or accepted my offer to include your own shop on my website. <3 🙂

I have wanted to create this for some time. To share more love in other ways! Other than sharing our schools or academies or services etc. If you want to be added on my other tabs on my website for this. Please send me a request by either commenting on the bottom of this page or the page you are wanting on. Or email me through this website found on the About Me Page tab on my website.

Trusted Shops List

My Etsy Shop Mystic Realms Readings & My Website Here Is

Hello, Loves My Name Is Jennifer! I Am The Owner Of My Website That You Are On Now. I Figured I Would Start With My Own Shops. This Website And My Etsy Store Mystic Realms Readings Is Where My Accredited Certified Practitioner Services And Teachings My Certified Practitioner Courses And My Products When I Get Back Into It. Will Be From These Two Places <3 🙂


She Sells Beautiful Hand Made Jewelry! (This Is My Friends Etsy Store <3 🙂

Etsy Store Embraclet Treasures


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